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We finally got some more pics of a buck we seen one time on game cam earlier this year in October. He looked like a biggun in that picture, but it wasn't the best angle to judge him.

How high would this dude gross? He's the first non 8 pointer that we've gotten a picture of on our farm and the biggest overall by a long shot. He's a main frame 10 with a split g2 on the right side.

[file]85699[/file] [file]85701[/file]

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140s easy

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I think he will gross, high 140's maybe even 150ish. He won't net great because of the embalance,,,but then nets are for fish,,who cares about that.:2thumbsup:


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I'm thinking low 140's....

My estimations.....

Width 16
lmb 22=38
rmb 22=60
g1's 3 each=66
g2's 11 each=88
g3's 10 each=108
G4's 4 + 1= 113
mass 1's 4 each=121
mass 2's 4 each = 129
mass 3's 3.5 each =136
mass 4's 2 each =140
abnormal sticker on G2 3" = 143
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