Hotels and other things in the Springfield area ............

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  1. What are some of the better hotels or motels in the Springfield area that are around $100 dollars a night.

    Myself and Mrs. LFG are thinking about going down there for our 5th wedding Anniversary in March after I get my refund check from school.

    Also some nice restaurants and other things to do while down there.

    We want to have the best time while we are down there but not spend a lot of money.

    We might have our kids with us and we might not have them so also some things that are fun for kids to do also.

    One thing that is already on the list is to hit up Bass Pro so that is the only thing that we now we are going to do for sure

    Thanks for any and all suggestions on this topic

  2. leasburg

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    take the refund check, put it in the bank. get a sitter and bbq some nice steaks at home with candles :02:

  3. TTT

    Anyone with reason suggestion for the Town of Springfield :shrug:


    DADAKOTA Well-Known Member

    Apr 18, 2006
    Stay at Rebs and let him feed ya.:D
  5. coyotehunter

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    Jan 19, 2005
    heck i'd call hanni,he would prolly let you use his place and he could sleep with turks:cheers:
  6. [rquote=1882555&tid=131093&author=DADAKOTA]Stay at Rebs and let him feed ya.:D[/rquote]

    That is what I was thinking we could do for Friday night but have a couple friends coming down Saturday morning to stay the rest of the weekend with us and we can expect Reb to house and feed them also and can not expect them to pay to stay down there when we are there for "free" (I would not expect Reb to pay for everything either okay maybe atleast a gallon of homemade Ice cream)

  7. yankeesgirl

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    Nov 18, 2008
    When the Yankee Clan was in Springfield we stayed at the Ramada Oasis. It was a very nice hotel. I think the cost was like 81.50 a night.
  8. Okay thanks Yankeegirl I will have to look into that one

  9. winger

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    Oct 24, 2003
    there is a little family oriented business called crazy horse............................might want to leave the kids at home:rof2:

    might also check out lamberts for some eats, long lines, go early. branson is a hop skip and a jump away. if you take the kids check out incredible pizza. other than that, my springfield trips consist of hitting the bypass and heading up campbell to bass pro, leaving on campbell hitting the bypass and back west.
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    I like Lamberts but you have to duck often to keep from getting hit by them wild rolls!
  11. Porter

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    I'm not real sure on the Hotels.

    Hemingways in Bass Pro is a nice restaraunt with good food.

    Nona's, Bambino's, Ebbett's Field, Springfield Brewco, and Mario's are all very unique eating places in Springfield.

    Riad's is on the South side of town now and I really enjoy it too.

    Lots of things to do outside... Nature Center, several trailways, etc. Bass Pro (IMO) is the biggest draw for Springfield :)