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2014 Honda pioneer 700-3 I have had it since basically new. I use it to just put around my 20 acres it never leaves here. I now need a 4 seater with 2 kids and 1 on the way. I am buying the exact same thing but with extra seats they are sick great machines. 3 speed auto trans 2 wheel 4x4 and diff lock so it goes about anywhere. Rear seat will stay it's just not safe enough for really little kids 1 and 2. It has a heater which is awesome even with just a windshield and the switch panel added. It will need rear tires before long I replaced the front already. It's dirty because we ride it every night around the property. Miles and hours are in the pictures. 8000$
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Thanks. 2 boys 1 girl and we are DONE the plan was to get another 2 seater or there own atvs but they are just to little. It will make 3 3 and under.
you'll be busy, but having them close in age is pretty fun, then have another one after you are out of diapers for 5 years....:)
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