homemade scent neutralizer

Discussion in 'Archery Hunting' started by kcbowhunt, Sep 22, 2006.

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    Dec 27, 2005
    I know a lot of guys swear by scent killers. I think a lot of has to do with where you hunt. I hunt in very thick woods covered with leafs. Most of the guys I hunt with don't do much scent control, other than scraping away the leafs around your stand/blind with your boots. You can clearly smell a earthy/musty smell and when you work it around with your boots I guess it masks your boots a little. The leafs are several inchs thick, even scrape away the leafs when I take a leak and then cover it back up after I'm done. Deer don't seem to wind me even up very close. I had a little 4 pointer walk up to me on the first day of bow season last year. I thought I was going to have to ssush him away to get him off me.
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    Dec 18, 2007
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    I would like to add if I may, for years I have made my own cover scent by boiling leaves, acorns, pine needles from areas I hunt.

    Not a big tip but I like to save a few dollars when I can :)

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    I'll have to look into making the homemade brew.....but as asked above will it fade your camo?

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    Feb 15, 2008
    Mo Deer Hunter,your avatar is pretty cool.
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    Hey where are you guys getting spray bottles to spray this stuff? I went to walmart and couldn't find any.
  6. The avatar is right in-line with the topic, isn't it? Good timing.
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    I made a batch before the season started. So far, so good. The one thing that bugs me is the sprayer I am using gets jammed when the water/peroxide dries up.
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    I'll second that. My spay bottle gets clogged up all the time. White crusty film all over the bottle.
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    Jan 9, 2004
    I generally buy a commercial bottle of Scent Away and use that bottle for the homebrew.

    I've been using the H-peroxide and baking soda for years. This is a scent eliminator and not a cover scent. It works well. Spray this in your stinky shoes once to give it a try. This can also be use to de-skunk dogs that get nailed by ol'stinky.

    If you are believer in scent absorbing clothes, spray this on your clothes under the scentlok.

    This stuff eliminates human scent, however I believe it leaves a scent of its own. I am saying this from personal observation of deer reacting to my trail and to areas that I sprayed intentionally. In cattle country I do step in the piles or walk through some water to eliminate the chemical scent from the scent eliminater.
  10. Cigarette smoke, Grizzly spit, cattle droppings, & cedar needles.
  11. biggest waste of time ive ever even heard of. make sure you spray before every bowhunt!!!!!!

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    pick a good spot, wait for the right wind , then, :sniper::sniper:
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    [rquote=496553&tid=28652&author=90acres]I do the homemade spray I make along with this....I start in August and wash all my hunting clothes in a scent free wash, hang outside on clothesline for two weeks, no matter the weather. If dry I put everything hunting related except my bow into an insulated dock box, including clean boxers. I have already cut cedar and oak limbs and placed them in the bottom of the box. The only time my hunting items leave this box is in the woods. I change right there in front of God and nature. The scent really permeates the clothing but doesn't seem too strong, I've got deer walking directly under me, and I only hunt 15 feet up.[/rquote]

    I do the hanging outside as well...I just usually rub a little cedar or whatever weeds are in the area I`m hunting and also try to store them away from unnatural odors....my scent is what I worry more about...
  14. Jeremy


    Dec 22, 2006
    i have found marlboro menthol lights work pretty good as a cover scent, toss in some kodiak spit every now and again and pee from your treestand. :wave: almost every deer i have killed has been with a lit cigarette in hand or i have just put one out not shortly beforehand. you can spray anything you want on yourself, by al means...go ahead. but if your not going to hunt the wind, your wasting your time and money on these scent gimmicks.
  15. Jeremy


    Dec 22, 2006
    holy moly this thread was brought back from the dead:eek:
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    :cheers: :banana-man-yeah: THAT TIME OF YEAR!

  17. This conversation is sounding awfully familiar - especially the comments about chew spit, cigarette smoke and clogged spray bottles. Ahhhh yes! Bow season is around the corner.

    Thumbs up to the grizzly tobacco but I do not spit anyway and I usually eat sliced apples while on stand. :2thumbsup:
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    Well my dad and uncles used to wash there clothes in baking soda then when they air dry them outside put them in a trash bag with leaves and brush till they went hunting and it seem to work for them.:cheers:
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    Dec 21, 2010
    To much peroxide leads to yellow hair, I know
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    Go ahead and laugh...But you ought not knock it till you try it !!
    I'm a firm beleiver in wood smoke. I'd heard it before,but it started showing more in Iowa where we camped and had open fires for heat.
    I started using it in Mo. and it still was confirmed.
    The deer still smell you but don't seem to get alarmed. Something in the smoke must mask or kill human sent.