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    Apr 2, 2018
    Hog hunters show more proof of dead pigs than MDC ever has. Hunting has proved to be the most effective way to eradicate anything. Hence why elk was gone from our state, deer at one time, bear. So be somebody decides to break the law no one should be able to hunt an animal. Imagine if because of poachers and bait piles they limited deer and turkey hunting. Even to one week a year. Wouldn't you be upset you are being punished because of a few bad apples. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Obviously we are in a time where hunters only respect their style and quarry. Hopefully the day never comes where your rights are jeapordized. If you honestly think that stopping hunting is going to allow 13 hired trappers to eliminate hogs then there's some misguidance there. They can't even put a dent in places already illegal to hunt. Hogs get trap shy. Makes it very difficult to catch. So what do you do about the trap shy hogs of hunting is illegal.
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    so, the claim is made that MDC has no incentive to eradicate the hogs because of a loss revenue stream.

    What incentive do hog hunters have to eradicate hogs? so they can no longer hunt hogs????

    I have not looked, but would I find more evidence of hog hunters working against the eradication end game or MDC?

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    Chadozarks, it appears to me that you're coming entirely from the perspective of 'I want to hunt hogs.'

    I'm coming from the perspective that this is an invasive species that does not fit into our ecosystem without having detrimental effects on native species, both animals and plants. I'm interested in our native species not having the pressure of a non-native species running rampant over them.

    Hunting the hogs has not proven to be an effective way of eliminating them, as they have continued to expand. And again, it gives some people the motivation to see that more hogs are released as it's fun to hunt hogs. It's not working, that's clear. So now we are seeing some changes in rules/laws to deal with the problem. And yes, feral hogs are a problem.

    You used elk, deer, and bear as an example. All of those species reproduce at a rate nature has deemed effective for the environment they're native to — that being 1-3 babies per mother per year. Feral hogs can reproduce multiple times a year and often at a rate of 12-15 babies per litter.

    I agree with some others that have stated of let hogs be legal targets during some of the fall firearms deer seasons. The rest of the year we need to let MDC and other agencies working in cooperation do their job and work on these populations of hogs without interference. If people are hunting and pressuring the hogs, the trapping does not work as well. I agree that they do not have enough trapping operations at this point and would like to see that expanded.
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    I'm for outlawing the hunting of them year round and everywhere by anyone but a landowner. Remove all incentive to keep them running around.
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    Apr 2, 2018
    Our incentives is that we do help a lot of landowners where other methods havnt been effective. We also waste no meat. I could be wrong but I think if we stop hunting them that the population will get worse. In my neck of the woods there is a lot of hogs killed. By hunters and MDC. Still spreading. We are not even holding the population stable. I honestly don't know anyone that has turned pigs loose. It does happen though. Like another member said free ranging pigs have roamed here for who knows how long, game ranches turned them loose also, let's not forget the deer hunters decades ago leasing ground to hunt and had hogs trailered in so they wasn't paying 12 months worth of lease to hunt a week. Hogs are here for several reasons. Can't blame hog hunters for all of it. But they are here. I reckon we can agree to disagree and see how it goes. Like I said I have an open invitation to take people who may not understand what we do and to partake in a hobby that has been a part of our lives for years. Northern Missouri seems to be empty of hogs. Wonder why all these hunters don't have them everywhere up there. Seems like a lot of ground to get to hunt. For your sake I hope they don't. I'm not against eradication. I just don't see it possible. I can't think of one state who has eradicated pigs. Tennessee I believe has made it illegal to hunt pigs but are not gaining ground.
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    Apr 2, 2018
    I will leave it at that. No sense in arguing over something out of our control. Was looking for support in the hunters but that isn't the case.
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    I would think that when there is two sides to a problem that does need solved, said sides should work together. One scenario which I think would work towards the common cause would be this. Allow hog hunting state wide 365/24/7. MDC with their limited resources of trapping are fighting a loosing battle, admittingly so. MDC has the ability to set rules, and collect fines from the grounds they own or manage for hogs, but can't private land because the hog isn't a native spices. Pass legislation (as bad as I hate government intervention) that MDC has the say so on JUST HOGS FOR RADICATION ONLY. MDC then sets "Very Heavy" fines and penalties for hog releases, or the hunting in their trapping areas. MDC has a web site that all are aware of, and can access. MDC could post a set time before they plan on trapping an area, and set heavy fines if hog hunters invade said posted area while they are trying to trap it. They could post from say, a highway south to that county border, a river to a highway, or even a whole county or two if needed, etc., to give them plenty of area to settle, and do their trapping. MDC with their limited abilities of trapping needs help. MDC and Hog Hunters are not enemies, and even if they were, the Calvary used Indian guides, and trackers to accomplish their goals.
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    Market hunting and subsistence living is what eradicated the deer, elk, bear, waterfowl, etc. Without that incentive plus the fact that hogs breed twice a year raising multiple young each time, the Missouri hog population is safe.
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    Apr 2, 2018
    Agreed. Would be nice to use all the resources available and work together. Obviously it's not going to happen in regards to getting rid of pigs but we could make the most of it while they are here. MDC limiting zones during trapping would help. Then hunters get the ones they missed.