hit pay dirt this weekend on truman

Discussion in 'Catfish' started by jweber81, May 25, 2009.

  1. http://i677.photobucket.com/albums/vv133/jweber81/0523090845-01.jpg

    went to truman this weekend to set lines this weekend been catching perch for a whole week leading up to the trip this is the first year i got there with all of my bait still alive got there late friday night right before dark got the camper backed in and headed to the water with the boat. headed to the closest cove and we set out 5 five throw lines the bugs were so bad that we gave up and headed back to camp and decided to set the rest out in the daylight so we went out saturday morning to check them and the second line we set out had a 10 pound white on it and the next hook down had a 58 pound flat on it he never faught one bit while it was getting the white cat out of the net. so we got all of the lines checked and went back to camp to show off our catch got it all cleaned up went back out to set a trotline i made up sunday morning we had a 36 pound flat on it all was caught on live perch it was a good weekend to say the least:dancin:
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    :cheers:Congrats nice fish and pic:woot:
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    Nice fish. Congrats!!
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    :cheers:congrats looks like some good eatin to me
  10. [rquote=1276048&tid=89254&author=ross331]:cheers:congrats looks like some good eatin to me[/rquote] yes that big boy is going to make alot of good meals:dancin:
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    so might fine eating right there.
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    :2thumbsup:...looks like fun!!!!
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    what do you use to keep your bait alive before you head for the lake are you using bluegill or big mouthed perch are you hooking them in the back or the tail how deep of water what part of truman are you fishing do you use circle hooks or straight shanked ones on your drop lines were there any sets just for channel cats how many hooks do you use on your throw lines and you might use some punctuation so it would be easier to read your post just sayn
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    dang good flatty
    beat our big one at the round up all to heck :cheers:
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    :bowing: NOW THAT is a FLATHEAD!

    I AM IMPRESSED! :bowing:

    (Big ol' circle hooks in the bucket I see).

  17. [rquote=1281098&tid=89254&author=Parker]:bowing: NOW THAT is a FLATHEAD!

    I AM IMPRESSED! :bowing:

    (Big ol' circle hooks in the bucket I see).

    Parker[/rquote]thanks parker and he has one of the 14/0 mustads in the corner of his mouth too:dancin: