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  1. Hey jim i thought id start this here so it might help someone else and so we didnt rob that other topic. And also maybe some of these other guys will have some more input.

    A couple things i have done to my m77mark too is teflon bedding the barrel.
    It has a wood stock so this wont help on synthetic. I took some thin teflon sheeting,prolly about 1/16 or 1/8. I cut two peices and installed one right behind the front of the stock where the barrel touches on bottom. Put it underneath the barrel and between the barrel and the stock. And then place another peice between the stock and the barrel right in front of the magazine sleeve. and just make sure that the barrel isnt touching the stock anymore. This helped my gun alot. Another thing you can do is replace the screws in your mounts if your still using the flatheads with tourqe heads. I had problems with the flatheads trying to strip before you could evenly tighten them.

    You can also float the barrel on a New England single-shot very easily.All you have to do is install a small flat rubber washer.
    Find one that is thin enough to seat the stock right and will slide over the metal stud that your screw goes into that goes into your wood stock. When you take the screw out of your forearm and remove the forearm you will see this internally threaded stud sticking up off the bottom of your barrel. Slide the washer down over the stud and replace the forearm. You should end up with a small gap between the barrel and forearm. you might have to take a razor blade and thin up the washer till you get the desired gap.If anyone needs more clear directons on either of these u2u me. This trick on the New england made a HUGE difference in my 223. Once again this will only need to be done on wood stocks.

    Hope this helps some JimH and others.

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    Rocko, i've had my ruger glass bedded last summer and barrel free floated. another thing that rugers are known for is to adjust the front screw torqe setting at 5 in lbs at a time starting at about 35-40 in lbs. and going up from there. this is especialy true with a factory non altered ruger. with the front angle screw and factory pressure point on the barrel what you are doing is tuneing your barrel to a load. sometimes it will do a lot for ya sometimes very little. once you find a setting that works make a note so if you pull the action apart you can retorqe to the same setting and have your groups back. i also had my trigger tweeked this summer too. if you bed you action like my rifle has been then you aren't about to get as much effect on the rifle with the screw torqe changes.

  3. Yeah im gonna have mine bedded here one of these days. But my next move is gonna be the trigger. Man if that things already been bedded and the trigger done it might not need cryoed but it wouldnt hurt . But i would say if you have a good bed job done on it that it should shoot good. And i dont use the torgue to set the angled screw i just run it down snug and to were the barrel is snug on the teflon and it seems to shoot good.