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heritage RR with 16" barrel

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Ya'll have about 6 hours to talk me into/out of it.
Saw one this morning,plan jane rr with just the .22 cylinder,not mag.22
159.99 all the other fees it will be about 220$

Impulse buy,but I have a little mad money set aside.Little kid in me"But mommy,I want it!"

Have no clue if it will shoot worth a hoot,but it will be one hell of a conversation piece,especially if I can find a western leather holster for it.

wasn't there a gun called a "buntline" like that?
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If you want it, get it. It would be tough to holster something with a 16" barrel though.
The holster part was a joke,I'll just stuff it down my crotch,there's room
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My view is, that a handgun ought to be "handy" so that you'll have it around when you need it, not so clumsy that it needs a little red wagon to haul it.

That is just me, of course. From what I can gather, they DO shoot pretty well, especially for their price point, but you can get the same gun with a shorter barrel for a lot less awkwardness. I have FOUR rifles here that have 16.5" barrels, AND have buttstocks to steady against your shoulder, which makes them easier to shoot well.

If the novelty of it doesn't wear off pretty quick, it might be fun to ruin a squirrel's day with it, though. It's your money, spend it as you wish. As for me, I think I'd get something more "conventional", there's a reason those are more popular than the ultra-long pipes.
I have a few novelty fun/guns.When I die,I doubt the kids will argue who gets the glock,lcp,or AR.
There might be a heated discussion about all the derringers,mouse guns,tac-14,judge,some others,and maybe this one.
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Academy sports has them for 130 in case you haven't bought one yet and still want one
Thanks,justindh1.I searched their site,they don't list the 16" one,I think you were refering to the 6.5 inch one.

I was able to order 1 tue. from a local shop,with the extra 22 mag cylinder...but..back order..could be months or longer..gave them a deposit.

Not sure why so long..either very popular..or..not popular at all..who knows.
No kidding,the shop is 2 blocks away,the guy drove over to let me know it came in.Picked it up on my lunch break.Happy camper,cool gun.
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Not quite,but close
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Got to shoot it some the other day,fun fer sure.Not trying for accuracy,just getting used to it and "breaking it in".

Not real experienced with single action,but it sure slows you down,makes you take your time.
Got to show it off to a few friends,universal reaction is "Holy ****!" :)
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No,but if you pm me your cell,I think I can figure out how to send some,and let you post them.
Here's a couple of the pics you sent. I edited them the best I could.
Bumper Automotive exterior Font Tool Auto part

Air gun Wood Gun barrel Trigger Gun accessory
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Thanks,thats compared to a regular heritage
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