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Borrowed this from another site....pretty extreme!!!!

The current issue of D&DH (June 06) records the story of Don Goffard and his 2005 Wisconsin bow buck. It is quite a story. I think Don is lucky to be alive. The following is an excerpt from the D&DH article.

"I started crossing the river and was just about to the other side when I spied a brown blob in the snow.

It was my buck!

He was just 25 feet in front of me and was just laying there, staring at me. The buck appeared weak and was breathing heavily.

I was standing in about a foot of water when the buck stood suddenly. A surge of adrenaline pulsed through my body and a chill went up the back of my neck. I instinctively reached for my lockback knife and opened it.

For a moment, the buck just stood there looking at me. He was shaking violently and breathing heavily. I could see the exit wound from my arrow, and blood was dripping steadily out of it. I thought this deer was not going to live very long and certainly wasn't running anywhere.

I was way wrong. The buck dropped his head and charged. I braced myself by widening my stance.

In a split second, the buck hit me headon with his antlers. I have no idea how I kept my composure, but I managed to grab ahold of his rack with both hands while maintaining my grip on the knife with my right hand.


After hitting me about waist-high and lifting me off the ground, the buck drove me about 8 to 10 feet backward into the river. I landed flat on my back and was instantly submerged. The buck was standing on top of me and forcefully holding my head and chest under about 14 inches of water. All I could think was that he wanted to kill me

Amazingly, I still had ahold of his antlers and my knife. And, thankfully, I did not panic. After a few tense moments, I rolled around and got the buck off my chest. I also got my head above water and took a breath. By then, the deer's hind legs were up and his front legs were down on me, with his rack still against my chest. I twisted his rack and was finally able to turn him over somewhat. He was in an odd position, and the knife was still in my right hand. I thought about stabbing him, but I couldn't do so because of the angle."

The story continues with the mortal hand to antler combat of Don and his buck.

"The buck did not relent. Despite my maneuvering, he continued to violently push down on me...trying to get me back underwater. I still don't know how, but at some point I switched the knife from my right hand to my left. By then, the buck's whole chest was exposed on the right side. Gripping the knife as tightly as possible---while gripping his andtlers with my other hand---I plunged the blade into his chest.

The attack was violent and brutal. The buck kicked me and pushed down even harder, but I managed to pull the blade out of his chest and stab him two more times. Then, it was almost as if someone had turned off a power switch."

The story still doesn't end there. The fight continued and after the fight with the buck came the fight with the elements. Wrestling with a large whitetail buck in a river a long way from the vehicle in 13 degree temperature created another set of problems.

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I've read that story and seen the picture of him and the deer. Seems he's a big ole boy but the deer nearly got him.
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