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    Jun 12, 2005
    I found a pretty decent place to place a food plot recently. it is in the middle of a very small patch of the woods that is in a triangular shape. It is bordered on all sides by hay fields. Right in the middle there is a bunch of little saplings that could be cleared. I am wondering how to clear these things, should i just cut them low to the ground or what. Also i dont want to have to clear a path in to this area so how should i go about planting and what should i plant. Should i just rake everything away and throw?? HELP!!
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    Jun 10, 2005
    There are a couple versions of No-Plow (Whitetail Institute), or Throw and Gro (Evoloved Habitat/Harvest) type mixes.
    They say their product will grow if you can get the ground clean and roungened up as best possible. The more the better. My small plot that I used it in I was able to get a roto-tiller in to turn it over once.
    As for the saplings, I personally would leave them for a rubbing spot. JMHO

  3. The problem with a small plot in a wooded area is sunlight and leaves.

    Sunlight can be a problem depending on what your planting and leaves can be a problem in a fall plot setting.

    I think there is a brand out there that is designed for small areas such as yours and is called no-plow or something like that. I'm sure someone will chime in w/ the name.
  4. Oops looks like I hit post after 'ol onearm got it.:)
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    Jun 12, 2005
    the saplings are where i want to place the food plot and they are pretty close together. if i clear out these seedlings there shouldnt be much leaves in the way of the sunlight
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    Jun 12, 2005
    come one guys i really need help with this one
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    If you don't want to take a tractor into the plot,,I would say the best way to get rid of the saplings is cut them. Depending on what they are, you may want to treat the stumps to keep them from regrowing. What is the rest of the ground cover in this area??? Is it leaves or weeds or grasses????

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    Feb 5, 2005
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    On every food plot i have helped my friend put in on his 300 acers in desoto, we ahve done the falloing. Desided how big it is to be and then cut all the saplings and trees down rt to teh ground so he can disk teh ground. On ocasion we have left a tree in teh center fo the food plot or in the food plot if it is a good tree for a tree stand or pernament stand. We use the cedars that we removed to make teh food plot to make the poles for teh pernament stands we put in later.

    Now we ahve never used the stuff mentiond in earlier responces. We jsut plant sorgum in one wheet in anohter alfalfa sweet corn ect. Of the 20 food plots on his place for deer and terkys, we duplicate each one twice atleast as fare as what is planted. Ocasionally we elt the forest reclaim a food plot area and move them. But in 10 years we ahve only had to do that a couple of times.

    None of the food plots planted are longer then 100 yars or wider then 50 yards when planted for rifle season. Our archery plots are no longer then 50 yards and no wider then 40 yards. We ahve a tracter road runign rt down the midle of 11 of the food plots that are strung out in a line. Each one is seperated by a wind break of cedars 5 feet thick.

    The stumps we ahve left in eventually root away.

    I hope this helps.
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    I got a bobcat from work and raised the bucket up about 3-4 ft for traveling through the woods without tearing a trail. Then turned the ground and went out in the same manner. This worked really well but then again we run a bobcat every day and it is still pretty tricky getting one through the woods with the hills. :cheers:
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    Jun 12, 2005
    The ground is covered in leaves, so it wouldnt be hard to rake them away. BUT there is a bunch of these little saplings that must be taken care of. If i cut them right to the ground then rake all the leaves and stuff away and break up the ground a lillte with like a shovel(Alot of work i know) then seed would it grow ok.i just want like a little plot to hunt over soo. Thanks so far guys i really apperciate it