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1. Chicory planted last spring, approx. 1/4 to 1/2 acre. It lasted all summer long, even through the drought. Good stuff. Minimal weeds at fall 2005.

2. 1/4 to 1/2 acre = nothing planted, disced before fall last year. Drought caused weeds to sprout, and go to seed before I could cut them. Some clover is mixed in.

3. The plot has been untouched since last August or September, and weedy (15% - 20%) in almost half of the plot. The other half is the chicory and weeds are very minimal.

I didn't get to the plants in the summer time to check on them because we had a drought, so why check! Well, I learned my lesson. Weeds survive in drought, and seem to grow! :mad:

My questions:
1. When should I fertilize? minimum and maximum dates for Spring planting.
2. I plan to go out to the plot this weekend, should I disc the 1/2 acre that isn't planted with anything?
3. Or, should I just frost seed my clover mix?
4. Should I consider pre-emergents? Teflan, etc...
5. Should I wait until spring until weeds, etc come up, and then disc the weeds under, and replant?

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Once your chicory, alfalfa and clover are emerged, you will only be able to spray grass specific herbicides... sethoxydim is such a product. I think it is marketed as Sethoxydim G-Pro if you can find it. Follow directions and it should do a decent job of controlling annual and some perennial grass species.

It was suggested (Hoytshooter maybe??) that you can use 2,4-DB post in foodplots consisting of clover to control some broadleaf weeds but I'd be REAL careful here.. best to follow label directions whatever you do and most coops should have technical folks that would be happy to give you advice.
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