Hayden’s doe

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    Hayden made contact with a big fat doe using my 44 mag lever action my first gun mydad bought me when I was 15. We had a fun day watching bucks fight in the food plot and seeing a good 8pt at 100 yards and not being able to get a good shot in the morning to being in a stand and having a doe come into 10 yards and allowing him to take a shot. We talked before the doe came in about how me and my dad and grandpa taught me is if we take a moment and say a prayer and ask thank god for allowing us the time to be in the woods he created and thank him for letting us be here in this moment and to provide us with a chance to see a deer and help us to provide food for our family, Hayden took a moment and we both said a little prayer and it wasn’t 5 minutes later the woods came alive a little 4 pt walked by about 200 yards north of us from west to east and I told Hayden get ready the deer are moving so he got the gun and we watched for 10 more minutes and Hayden whispered dad a doe wait there’s two, I told him there going to get closer and when she was at 10 yards he pulled the trigger. After the shot we were both shaking from the excitement he gave me a hug and said That Was Awesome!!!! IMG_0865.jpg IMG_0841.jpg IMG_0843.jpg IMG_0844.jpg
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    Awesome, congratulations!
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    That right there to me is what youth season is about, congratulations
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    That's great. And that's a nice size doe. Congrats to Hayden. :cheers:
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    That's a fat ole nanny! Congrats to Hayden and yourself!
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    Awesome! Great memories right there!
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    That is the essence of youth season. Congrats to him.

    when you're up in the stand for his last hunt, you'll talk about all the hunts you had through the years just like my son did yesterday before he killed his buck.
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    Dec 13, 2005
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    Way to go boys
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    Good stuff young man!
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    Nothing better than taking a good deer, with a cool gun! Congrats to Hayden!!! :tup:
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    awesome deer. congrats
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