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Halloween weather

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Getting off work a tad early on Halloween and probably going hunting!

I see cold weather which is great, but I also see super windy conditions.

I have never had a memorable day deer hunting in 30mph winds although I know many have.

I will go regardless but what is everyones thoughts on hunting in the high winds?

I hung a new stand in a spot that I''m just itching to get into. It is in a big gnarly oak on a brushy draw that heads into a corn field. Its on a knob and definitely in the wind!

Is it better to be lower in typography?
I know in the evenings with falling thermals they say lower is better but this spot is too prime to pass up sitting. Was going to try a decoy but I have a feeling the wind is going to screw that up...
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I have hunted some windy days. Never feel very good about it. Have seen deer but always seems like they don’t move as much. Location is probably key.
Wind is supposed to be 10-12 here Thursday.
My decoy blew over twice in five minutes. Found a big branch that forked and wedged that between the legs. Didn't blow over the rest of the night.
20-30mph in Lincoln county thursday
hunt down wind of a shelter belt on a food source
If your new spot is prime I wouldn’t burn the first sit on a poor weather day. My $.02.
It seems to reduce movement if much over 15-20 mph IMO. Wind aggravates me too. Kind of wears on a fella. I usually won't hunt (in Missouri) if it is really windy.
That being said, if it was the only, or one of the few opportunities I had to hunt I would be out there. Watch for the widow makers.
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I'd rather have too much wind than no wind! At least your scent is being carried away. I've had some good hunts in windy condition but tends to be more when deer are chasing.
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Rain then possible snow Thursday, ill be out hunting soon as the rain and or snow stops.
Will be out Wednesday and Friday but momma taking me out to supper Thursday to celebrate the end of radiation.
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I killed my biggest deer to date on a super windy day, he was cruising through. It was prob the windiest day I've ever deer hunted on. I hate hunting anything in the wind though, but if you can get one in close the wind can be a big help with getting away with movement and getting your scent out of there. My thought process is that when the bucks are looking for does, you want the does bedded up so the bucks have to cover more ground to find them increasing my odds. If I think the does are gonna bed up I hunt down wind of doe bedding areas which is where I would think a buck would cruise through scent checking for does. If the does are moving a lot then I wouldn't think the bucks would not have to move as much to find does. It's what I go with and it justifies me spending time in the stand on not so great weather days.
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