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    Jul 24, 2003
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    Wanted to get some opinions on where I am thinking of locating my gun safe at the new place. As soome know, we just had a new heating/cooling system put in so I will be boxing in around the unit in the basement and can either make a normal closet next to it, or I am thinking of making a hidden panel to access the area next to it and putting my gun safe in there. The basement does not leak and I am thinking that the drying affect of the ac will help keep moisture away from my guns. Sound like a good idead or is there anything I am not thinking about that might bite me in the behind?
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    If you vent heat and air into the area and the basement is dry to begin with,,I would'nt think there would be a problem. Now if you could get the government to let them start selling ammonia nitrate in the bag again,,you could put a sock full of it in the bottom of the safe and have an affordable dehumidifier in it too.


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    if there isn't a cold air return cut into the basement yet i would look at putting one in as it will help getting any damp air out of there. i did it to mine when we finished the basement and it realy makes a differance. i would look at putting the safe up an inch or so on blocks or a conc stoop just incase you ever get a back up or a leak in the basement. cheap insurance.
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    I put mine in the basement, because cops and firefighters said that's the best place since that's where they'll end up if there's a fire. I put the Goldenrod dehumidifier in there, and every time you open the door you can feel that it's warm and dry in there. There's also less chance that someone could run a chain from their pickup and pull it through the wall and down the street.
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    Oct 24, 2003
    I suggest 2 places, 1 that houses the safe for your "collection and the second for that "what the heack was that noise dear" gun. I have a head board on my bed that houses the second gun. The first "gun safe" is hidden from everyone except my wife and she doesn't know the combination to the lock. I suggest a mirror with a wooden frame where everyone walks by and checks how they look when they are entering or exiting your house not near a door or window no need anyone onside seeing it. A piano hindge on one side and 3 or 4 spring magnets on the other.
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    I always thought these were neat ideas.

    Hidden doors