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Guess I can still kill deer with an arrow

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Went out Saturday for my first archery hunt in a couple of years. Hadn't been in the stand two minutes when a doe and fawn walked by. A couple of minutes later another for walks by. Had a few more walking by just about 55 yds out. Saw an antler and was digging my vector out. Gave a series of grunts to see if he'd come closer to check out when something comes tearing in from behind me.

An 8 point buck came charging in all the hair on his neck standing up. Couldn't get him to stop so with all the pins on his side and let it fly.

Deer didn't even act like it had been touched. Walked about 30 yds and didn't see any blood. About that time he starts to wobble and he falls over. Fastest I've ever had one go down.

Not the biggest but one of the most fun and fast hunts I've had in a while.

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I never doubted you, Satch!
Good job!
Nicely done Satch squash. :cheers: :tup:
That'll work. Congrats man, glad you were able to get some time in a tree.
There us go. Congrats.:cheers:
Way to go! I am still hoping I can get a nice one with my bow this year. My two boys done whacked bucks with rifle so maybe I need to focus on me until rifle season hits. Not sure they will agree though, they both want me to film them getting an archery buck(or doe even).
Nice :cheers:
Gettin’ it done! That’s awesome! :)
Nice work!
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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