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  1. Set up this cam in a fence gap, ended up being a great dusting spot:

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  2. They were there most everyday, except when I was hunting :)

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  3. callaojoe

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    Jan 21, 2004
    N/C Missouri
    Story of my life.. :D
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  4. henry

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    That would be a good spot to turkey hunt. :D
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  5. EZRA

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    Jul 8, 2016
    Looks like a great spot for early archery Turkey season
  6. RchurE

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    Dec 10, 2010
    Well if this is in Missouri, they may have been there the days you turkey hunted, both of these pics are well after 1:00 if that time is accurate. ;)
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  7. Yeah, was in Missouri. I just put up two of the cooler pictures, but like I mentioned they were there pretty frequently all times of the day. The area is obviously on the edge of a large ag field, behind it is about 15 acres of awesome quail habitat consisting of native grasses and old field habitat. I assume most of the hens are nesting back there.
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