Great training opportunity for retrievers!

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    Shout out to all the hunters with retrievers. Yes! I know they aren't going to be ducks but your dog won't care! LOL
    As you are probably aware, we are putting on a fundraiser Continental Pheasant Shoot for Missouri Disabled Sportsmen ( or check us out on FB) on Saturday 2/17. We are doing a morning (starts around 9) and an afternoon (starts around 1 PM) continental (or tower) shoot. The shoot will be held near Centertown Missouri. We are expecting close to 25 shooters for each session. 10 pheasants will be released for each paid shooter so there will be a lot of retrieving opportunities! Warning!! With the number of birds released and the volume of shooting at these events this is an intense experience for a retriever and may be overwhelming for a very young dog. Shooting slots are still available but I'm on here looking for folks with dogs who want an excellent training opportunity. We are using the funds raised on Saturday to put on a free pheasant continental for mobility impaired and youth hunters the next day - Sunday 2/18 which would be another training opportunity. Please message me if you're interested. Thanks! Tater
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  3. I would be all over this if I had a grinder finder.
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    I'd jump on this but I'll be pulling out huge tuna out of the gulf on that day
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    I have two labs lined up for both flights on Saturday. Still looking for a couple more and also a couple or three for Sunday morning.
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    Made it up with my lab for Saturday’s hunts and what a great time. You did a great job of putting this together!!!!! Thanks Tim
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    Thanks for coming! It is appreciated! I'm glad you and the pup had a good time!