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Great Pheasant Hunt, Guys

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Just a thanks for the great time last Saturday. Those fellas had some tough shooting, with the birds going flat out & coming from overhead & behind. We were lucky with the weather & it was great to make some new friends. Thanks for the hospitality. Our pics should be back Thursday & we'll post some of them.
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Was good to meet you and your wife. Can't wait to see some of the pics.
Hey, Bill... :wave:

It was a great time for sure!

Thanks for bringing Max, too. It was a thrill, to watch him work.

We'll definitely have to do it again, next year. :cheers:
Thanks Bill. Good to meet you and your wife (and your dog). :wave:
Was glad that you got to experience it with us and it was nice to meet you and the Mrs. Pleas post up some of her pics, she looked like she knew what she was doing with the camera as opposed to us trying to point and click.
Thanks for coming Bill. It was a pleasure to meet you and to watch your dog work. Hope you can come again next year,,.

Thanks for coming Bill. We enjoyed you and your wife's company. I only wish that one bird that Max found would have cooperated and flew the right way.
Hey, Max found more than one bird. He even found some birds that ran well too.
That was wild all of us chasing that one bird down.
I got a photo of it I think..Lete go look.
2 legged bird dogs...

I think that this is it Venatic. But we could be talking about different birds.
:rotfl: We finally got it. It would of been a funny video.
Bill..... Thanks for making the trip. It was great meeting you and your wife. :wave::wave:
You guys didn't tell me I should bring a LASSO! That was the funniest bird chase I've ever seen. You're right, that video would be worth a million.
We should pick up some photos at lunch & post them tonite. I don't think she got the "chase" tho. She was to startled by the stampede to focus.
Gogop........ rolled her backwards and the race was off....That hen was roadrunner, beep beep!
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