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Grandkids Turkeys

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Grandkids had a great day Saturday.
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Good deal Mark . Congrats to them both.
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Congrats X2 !!!!!!
Great job. Fried turkey in the near future
Very cool Mark!
What's the story? They come in together?
Congratulations Youngsters, to Me Your Youngsters Anyway.
Make sure You Mount those Beards And Fans, You Both Have Something To Show Off.
That's a good day right there! Congrats!
What's the story? They come in together?
No, Grandson has graduated to hunt on his own. Same farm a few hundred yards apart. He is quite the hunter. Has now killed 15 deer with his bow and many during firearms season. Very proud of both. Really good kids. Thanks to all.
I'd say way to go:cheers:
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