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Discussion in 'Social Club' started by archer66, May 21, 2009.

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    Jun 21, 2008
    Question for those who have been on vacation to the Grand Canyon or who otherwise have useful info....

    I am planning to take the family out there next year. We are going to drive. My questions are....

    --the darn thing is so big, is there a best way to attack seeing it? I figured we would do a lot of hiking so we'll probably just pick a region and focus on it. Good idea or bad?

    --what about lodging. I don't think we will camp.....are the hotels the way to go or cabins or otherwise? Can anyone recommend a good place?

    --Is it asking too much to hope that we can find a place that isn't absolutely overrun with people?

    --can anyone recommend a good travel guide book or website that you found particularly helpful?
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    I've been there for a day trip 4 different times. All on the South Rim. I was working in Flagstaff, its about 90mins from the canyon park. If your going to be out there for a week or so I would recommend checking out Lots of people have cabins and houses that they rent to vacationers.:cheers:

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    Dec 13, 2005
    Aint been but would love to.. one of these days I guess. :eek::
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    AAA will give you all the FREE info. you want, if your a member...
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    There is an I-max theater on the south rim. Make time to go see it. When we saw it, it was a film taken from the seat of an ultra light flying over the rim and down into the canyon, AWESOME picture! It was a riot watching all the people around you leaning in their seats as it banked left and right. LOL. If I remeber right, there is lodging there, but you might want to google loging in the area, and make advance reservations. Summer vacations you know!
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    Jun 21, 2008
    I've been all over the darn net and there's tons of lodging and things to's overwhelming. Was thinking maybe some of you folks could tell me what you liked best....where you stayed and how you liked it.
  7. If your going to have time I would recommend seeing the south rim and the north rim, on your way to the north rim you drive over the only bridge crossing the canyon at Marble Canyon, don't look down if your afraid of hieghts! Continuing towards the nort rim youll go past the Vermillion cliffs which are pretty spectacular in the morning or early evening, there over a thousand feet tall and are blood red. Condors frequent the area. Once you reach the cliffs you start climbing in elevation to Jacobs Lake which is at about 9000'. Theres lodging, gas, and a restaurant. The canyon entrance is about 30 miles across the Kaibab Plateau from there and the views are better than the south rim. Take your bino's, this is huge mule deer country and is one of the most popular lion hunting areas in the state.
    On the south rim the El Tovar lodge is a great place to eat[I think you need a tie for supper] and they have some tables looking right into the canyon. Lodging can be found at Tusayan just outside the park and in the park itself. Typically the south rim is a lot more crowded than the north rim, but you'll want to make reservations ahead of time. Near the south rim is Red Butte, if you take a drive around it you should see some elk, there are some huge bulls that come from that area. Have fun, it's a great place to visit!

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    If ya really want to get the "feel" of the canyon hike the Bright Angle trail down and the Kaibab back out. Like traveling back in time.
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    If you have a chance you might check this place out on your way there. We happened upon it and it was really neat.