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Got my new toy

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I got my Taurus model 44 yesterday. 44 magnum 4 inch ported barrel matte stainless steel.Also bought 300 gr. Horneday XTP to go along with it.
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Hunting with it or bear repellent?

Nice firearm
Looks pretty hefty. How is the balance in hand?
Looks pretty hefty. How is the balance in hand?
Balance is great trigger pull is very smooth. Mainly for home defense but it might show up in the woods with me
I have a Judge for home defense
Nice one. I have the model 44 with 8-3/8 barrel, actually is my second one. Both good shooters. I expect you will enjoy yours a lot. All that heft makes them very manageable to shoot although the ported barrel is a hard on the ears.
A buddy of mine has one, he loves it. He mostly shoots a 44/40 equivalent load (200gr. bullet at roughly 950 fps. in pistol, 1200fps. in a carbine). Fun guns to shoot.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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