got my biggest bow buck tonight

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    i went to a stand tonight on an oak flat at about 4:45 i sat down and about 30 mins later i here somthin runnin on the hill above me then i hear grunting this went on until about 5:30 i grunted at him and done every thing i could to get him to come down but he wouldnt budge then about 5:45 i hear somthin comin strait at me i look up and theres a deer comin through the brush at 20 yds so get my bow and then i see it was a good buck so i draw and he was at 15 yds facing me and i was waitin for him to turn he finally did after what seemed like forever i shot it hit him high hw went about 40 yds and tipped over

    equipment used Mathews Reezen 6.5 28'' 61lbs, Redhead Carbon Maxx (391 gr), Rage 2 blade

    i got over 20 inches of penetration he was slightly quartered to me the broadhead broke the hide right in front of the right ham

    (the deer looks alot smaller in the pic than he really is) he was a 8 point

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    We are neighbors

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    Greene Co.
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    Very nice! :claphands:
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    Sounds like a fun hunt. Congrates on the buck.:eek:::cheers:
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    Well Done!

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    :claphands: Congrats! :eek::
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    congrats!! :claphands:
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    Congrats! A nice one for sure! :cheers:
  15. :claphands::claphands::claphands::claphands::claphands:
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