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Got me a elk

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Had a good trip. 3 of 8 had bull tags and all were filled,1 cow was missed. I called in 2 for my buddy and myself on the first day and the other young man got his on the 3rd day. Wore some boots out, the longest pack back to atv was 9.75mi

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Wow nice! Thats a bucket list for me. Congrats!
That’s a great tip with some great bulls
You guys hit it out of the park! Three bulls on three tags is exceptional. Used to be about 12% archery success rate on elk and read so.ewhere it is below 10% now. New Mexico or Colorado?
Very cool congrats to you all!
Congrats! Nice bulls, that looks like a Wyoming tag.
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Wow, Congrats Rob, very impressive bulls! Sounds like several of you put in the time and effort to get great opportunities and fantastic results. :clap: :cheers:
Very nice. Congrats. Except for the 10 mile pack of course. Why don't they bugle by the parking lot .
Dang that’s super awesome. Congrats!!
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When you sit down for that elk steak, enjoy it, you earned it.
Some great bulls there.
Fantastic hunt R(.y.)b.
Awesome,well earned.
Wow. I can't wait to do that again. I walk/run about everyday, so I think it would be a fun challenge. Nice to have enough guys to make the packs out bearable. Could you pack out the 9.75 mile elk in one trip?
There was no doubt in my mind you'd get a good one Rob. Your skills payed off big time.

If you need another strong back in the future let me know.
Great trip, congratz
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