Got me a doe this weekend. Great Weekend on Stand

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    Well I went to the farm with a friend of mine Thursday night To get an early start on Friday morning. As soon as it gets light I have a 4 pointer come walking by. Then it was slow for a while at about 9:00 i reach over to grab a bight to eat and there is a doe 5 yards behind me that starts blowing. I grab by doe bleat I just finished making that week and blow it a few here she comes back there was 4 two biggens and two minnies. I wait for a big one to come out and when she does I let an arrow fly. Way over her back. So they all scatter. Then I had little ones hear and there for a while. That night all I saw was the little 4 point come back. Saturday morning wasn't good we went to Back-roads bar in Brashear and had to much fun so no deer in the morning. That night had two more come by but no shot. Sunday Morning was awesome at 8:45 I see a doe 25 yards out to my right so I stand up and get turned. She walks away and at 35yards I put a hurting on her. The arrow went in just behind the shoulder and through the shoulder on the other side. She ran 30 yards and expired. I stayed in my stand for a while and was getting down when I see a buck running about 10 yards off So I grab my other grunter and Blow it it real hard a few times. All of a sudden I hear a deer coming from behind me so I stand up and turn around to see a 150" plus walking strait at me. He gets 10 yards and hangs up looking for the source of the grunt. He didn't see it so he turned around and headed back so I Blow in it again and here he comes back staying in the Cedars so I cannot get a clear shot. He ended up walking back were he came from but it was such and exciting and great weekend I cannot wait to get back up there. I saw deer every sit and got my first deer on my new farm and used my custom made grunters and bleats to make it very interesting.

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    sounds like a great weekend techteacher :eek::