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Got it done Sunday evening 10/20

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Sunday evening I was able to get it done on the one I was after. I had seen him one other time on 10/12 when I was able to snort wheeze him in to 40 yds, but he was on edge and I didn't want to take the shot. I knew if I could get in there with the same wind and a decoy I could kill him.

The evening was slow with the high south east wind, but finally at 6:30 I had two does enter the field and immediately I knew something was behind them because they were both looking back. Shortly after I saw him jump the fence. I waited until I knew he could see the decoy before I tried calling. At this point the wind is blowing like crazy and he is 150 yds, so I know he won't be able to hear a grunt. I waited for a lull in the wind and I snort wheezed as loud as I could. He threw his head up and that was when I knew it was on. I started heading my direct. He stopped at about 80 yds and tore up a tree. I hit him with another snort wheeze and here he came. He got to about 50 yds and hung up for a short minute and then proceeded to drop his he and start his final march. I ranged him one last time at 33 yds, and he took two more steps turning just right. Quartering to slightly at 31. That is when I let it fly.

This is where it got scary for me. He ran up the hill about 50 yds in the standing beans blowing every step of the way. I thought I knew where I watched the arrow disappear, but now I am second guessing myself. I can see him standing there tail flickering with is mouth wide open. He stands there for about a minute and then beds down. With a sigh of relief I grab my phone call my dad. I thought we would just lay there and expire. So, I am on the phone with Dad and I look up and he had stood up. I start freaking out of course. He beds back down almost immediately. Now I am starting to think again, I may have hit him low. I know my left and right was perfect. Another minute goes by and he stands up again, this time he stumbles a bit and lays back down. I'm still on the phone with Dad at this point and I am telling him, I am going to try and slip out and maybe wait until morning to come back in. I start to gather my stuff, and I look up , he is on his feet again. This time he stumbles about 10 yds and falls over. I assume he is done at this point, but I wanted to be sure. I crawled down and headed to the truck.

Dad showed up about 30 minutes later to help me look. I at a minimum wanted to sneak back in there to check my arrow and we would proceed from there. Once I saw my arrow I knew it was over. It was dripping blood, so we started moving slowly up the hill the direction he went finding blood every so often. We looked for about 10 minutes and ended up finding him where I had last seen him go down.

I have never seen a deer do what he did with the shot I put on him. I took out both lungs and the top of his heart and he was alive or probably 5 minutes afterwards. They truly have a will to survive.


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With you, I'm guessing he is a stomper.
I always say, no two bowkills are the same.
You tease. Long story and no photos. lol
Congrats big time on getting the one you were after!!! :rockon:
Pictures are up. I was having trouble uploading them from my computer.
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Real nice one! Agree it's crazy he lasted as long as he did with that shot.
Real nice one! Agree it's crazy he lasted as long as he did with that shot.
No doubt, he smoked that buck.
Great buck! It's incredible their will to survive. Congrats!
He’s a P.I.G. Pig. :wink4:

great buck, congrats. :cheers:
Nice buck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! congrats.
You don't disappoint when you post man.
Great deer.
That is awesome.
Great buck, congrats
Nice deer, he's a bubba.
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