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I have taken 6 or 7 deer on public land around Truman Lake plus one at Busiek SF but had never taken a deer in the Mark Twain NF near Chadwick until yesterday afternoon.
I went to a spot across the road from where I had hunted a few times in the past and climbed up a really big hill. Near the top I worked my way around the hill until I came to a saddle where two ridges met. There was a nice flat bench about 100 yards below me and it looked like a good area for deer travel. Wind in my face and a nice blowdown tree to sit on, that will work!
I got set up around 2:30 and at 3:30 I heard the sound of deer running through the woods. A doe popped out on the bench below me and I waited to see the second deer, hoping it was a buck. Second one was a doe also so I bleated several times loudly to get them to stop. I got on the second doe and dropped her clean with the 7mm mag. She turned out to be a 1 1/2 yr old and it was a fairly long but easy drag downhill to the car. I've learned my lesson about killing deer downhill from the road!
Haven't gotten my buck yet but there is still archery and black powder, maybe it will happen.
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