Got a doe kill on film yesterday.

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  1. Saw a ton of deer from this spot both days last weekend including the buck I was after. Decided to hunt it again this weekend for an all day sit Saturday and a morning-2pm or so hunt Sunday.

    Saturday morning I couldn't find the tree that I really wanted to be in, so I climbed a tree in a decent area and sat until about 7:30. I checked my phone right before sunrise, it was 22* at the time. I switched to the tree I had picked out last weekend and checked the trail camera on the way there. Had a buck with a broken rack that was new on it. I decided to name him Tyson.

    Climbed in the new tree and was up and setup by about 8:00. At 8:30ish I caught glimpses of 3 deer moving together to the south, of course right by where I was before I moved. At about 9:00 I heard something to my northwest. Kept looking and eventually saw a deer. Watched through some brush and eventually made out antlers. Actually only one antler. It was Tyson. He moved on through and out of my life for the time being. About 9:10 I decided to give the grunt tube a try. At 9:13 I heard something to my southwest. Kept looking and looking and looking, and eventually saw a deer. He was coming my way, and I looked closer and noticed that it was Tyson again. He looked a lot nicer in person than he did on trail camera. He was staring a hole through the air straight underneath me, looking for the buck that had grunted. He was working his way down a trail that would bring him right underneath me. At about 40 yards he decided to turn back towards the west. He made his way to within 25 yards of me, only offering one shot opportunity (boy it made me realize how much the video camera can hide). His vitals were in a hole about the size of a basketball that was halfway in between us. I was busy messing with the camera and looking back on it as my arrow was making its way up I would have hit a branch anyway.

    At about 9:40 I hear crashing to my south. I stand up and get ready because I knew it was more than one deer, and of course thought it was a buck dogging a doe. They run past me and it turns out that it's 3 does, running full speed, tails up. No bucks around. Hm.?

    At about 12:30 I check my phone and decide I'll do another interview, when I hear something to my south southwest. Keep watching and after a while I finally make out a deer's head. Then I make out two. It was a doe with her fawn. I was watching them for about 10 minutes before I shot. Anyway, made a perfect shot and heard her crash. She didn't make it 65-70 yards. I was pumped . Too bad youtube ruined the quality though. You can barely make out the arrow flying through the air, but on the file on my computer you can watch it plain as day.

    The kill is at about 6:30 on the video.







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    hey man that is awesome! what kind of camera do you use?!

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    Nice job on the videos! We have some great hunting right here in Imperial you do any video around here>?
  5. I'm using a JVC Everio. Nothing special but my parents got it for my brother and I a couple Christmases ago and it gets the job done for what we want it to do.
    Nope Shrapnel I don't have anywhere around here.. Just haven't really bothered with it I guess. It seems every year though I say I want to find a spot that I can go after school and then just never do it.
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