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Good Week Duck Hunting

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Here are a few pics of some hunts from the past week. Had a great hunt this morning but the camera batteries were dead. Had a great hunt killing 24 ducks by 10.
Two bands. one pintail and a mallard drake. Hard to beliece but i have a picture i took when i got home of the mallard i killed. the double banded drake is a friend of mine who shot it with me last week.





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[rquote=1489856&tid=104075&author=winger]like the way you guys have gone green:cheers:[/rquote]
Its the only way to be. i occasionally give in on really slow days
Does look like a good week. You spent to much time chasing deer!!![/rquote]
I tried to draw into fountain grove today and pulled 27.... coulda hunted but knew it wouldnt be worth a ........
So i let some does have it this evening:cheers:
[rquote=1490827&tid=104075&author=riverbottomhunter]Was one of the double bands a reward?[/rquote]
yup hte green was rubbed off the band. Killed in your neck of the woods too. South of salisbury. Nathans family owns and operates Rascal Flatts Truck Parts

The band was a $50 reward
1 - 4 of 17 Posts
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