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Good Week Duck Hunting

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Here are a few pics of some hunts from the past week. Had a great hunt this morning but the camera batteries were dead. Had a great hunt killing 24 ducks by 10.
Two bands. one pintail and a mallard drake. Hard to beliece but i have a picture i took when i got home of the mallard i killed. the double banded drake is a friend of mine who shot it with me last week.





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like the way you guys have gone green:cheers:
[rquote=1489884&tid=104075&author=deep woods goat hunter][rquote=1489856&tid=104075&author=winger]like the way you guys have gone green:cheers:[/rquote]
Its the only way to be. i occasionally give in on really slow days[/rquote]

1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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