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When i first opened my business I had no idea of what all was out there on the market. Each day I find something new and I thought Id share this one with you because its just a great idea and can help with the enviroment!

Its called the monoMASTER some of you may have heard about it.

Ian White, inventor of the monoMASTER, owner or Grasshopper Outdoor Products, Ltd

The monoMASTER is a "green" tool designed to help the environment. It is a tool used by fishermen to help them manage all the waste monofilament (fishing line) they generate while fishing. Recreational anglers in the US generate enough waste line to go around the Earth 45 times, and when dropped in the environment lasts over 600 years!

The monoMASTER has received official endorsements from national organizations such as the Federation of Fly Fishers (FFF) and also a celebrity endorsement from Richard Friedenberg (A River Runs Through It). The monoMASTER was recently featured in Field & Stream's 2008 "Best of the Best" issue and won a silver award from Fish Alaska Magazine. It is being sold in tackle stores globally and our customers include Orvis and Cabela's, the two largest fishing retailers in the world.

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