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Simon & I were able to get to the farm early enough to try and roost them (note, he didn't hunt youth season due to joining a new baseball team and having the 1st tourney that weekend). Anyways, decided to go sit and listen plenty early before trying to solicit any responses to the hooting. Good thing we did, as soon as we sat down a gobbler fired off early, knew he was at the end of the foodplot, he gobbled again a few minutes later and a second one did as well, that's good news! heard some other ones as well that could easily dance Friday morning. All roosting intel wqas accomplished pre fly-up, the wind really picked up at dark and no further intel was gained!

Put the blind up at dark and headed to dinner

Went to restaurant to grab a bite and watch the remainder of the Blues, left early to get rest, and when we got to cabin blues alerts start blowing up...couldn't believe they scored 2 more and WON!!!!

Friday we awoke at 5am sharp and were out the door by 510, set-up plenty early but with full moon is that possible! 1st gobbles weren't until 6:16am and on was where I figured the pair would roost, not real far away. Let some soft calls out and had some responses, but nothing really hammering at us...decided to call soft and sparingly (for me), after the 3rd sequence I could tell one was getting closer, but still aways off. 4th set of soft yelps and one hammered close, wasn't sure if was north or south, but close, suggested Simon get the gun up and ready and it hammered again and it was to the north and close, looked over and here comes a struter and another long beard.....the strutter comes right behind the jake mobile, maybe 12 steps away, byut his head is behind the jake fan...mine gobbler is back about 20 yards just taking it in, the strutter releases takes a few steps and puffs back up, and facing us, I asked if he was on him and yes, so I start the count...1, 2 BOOM, perfect, his strutter drops and mine runs a bit and comes back (WTH) boom again, same deal, final shot and 3rd time was a charm!

done before 7am, Simon redeemed his IL miss and I probably need to not use a youth gun, but they sure are light to carry with all the other gear!!!

My guess is a couple 2 yo birds, mine weighed 17.5 and Simon's was 23.8.

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Father son doubles are special. Congrats. :cheers:
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Doubles are always nice, with wife or kids extra special.
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