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Caught a bunch of fish and some nice ones to boot. I'd say we easily boated north of 200 fish and we had eight that were over 18" with the biggest being a 24" 6.5# brown. My buddy had another brown on that would have been right at the 20" mark that came off at the boat. White and grey jigs in the trophy are produced all but one of the better quality fish. Sculpin and brown jigs produced more numbers of fish, but not near the quality.

I did catch one really nice white bass up near the cable. My buddy lost a monster walleye down between Trophy Run and Lookout Island. The hook popped out of it's mouth right at the boat.:censor:

I finally got to spend a few hours in the boat Friday evening with Duane Doty after he finished his work at Lilley's Landing. Heck of a guy and he's got the big fish juju for sure. Three of the four 20" class fish that we had on came during that time. If you're ever in need of a guide, I highly recommend giving Lilley's Landing resort and call and requesting and trip with Duane. He runs the Ozark Trout Runner's guide service. He can put you one a bunch if that's your thing or some good ones if you'd rather do that.

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