Good evening with my daugher (again with the VECtor)

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    My daughter went with me to sit in the blind this evening. Was there and settled in about 3:00. We are set up in the edge of a field. Not much action so around 5:00 I hit the VECTor a couple of few times, bang the rattling antlers together and then hit the VECTor again. The way we are set up I can't see the corner of the field from where I'm sitting, but she can so I told her it was her job to watch that corner and tell me if anything came out. Well, about 10 minutes after I had grunted and rattled her eyes get big and she looks at me and whispers "Dad, there's a giant deer!" At this point I can't see it so I tell her to just keep watching it. Pretty soon she says there's another one and it's a buck. The two bucks start sparring for a few seconds. Keep in mind I'm not able to see any of this, but she's watching the whole show. Before too long one of the bucks walks out into the field and stops about 80 yards from us, but his hind parts are facing it, no shot. He stands there for what seems like is forever, but I'm sure it was only a short time. I've got the scope on him just waiting for him to turn. I look over at my daughter and she's almost shaking with excitement. I bleat at the deer and it stands there so I whistle and it still stands there. Finally it turns and starts to walk off and I put the cross hairs right behind the shoulder and try to stop him, but he wouldn't stop so it's now or never and I squeeze it off. When I come back down on target I see a deer running away and I thought "Oh SNAP" I missed :stickfight:! The deer's tail is up and it hits the brush. So I told her let's get out and go look. As I get out of the blind I glass the field and sure enough there's a white belly shining, it went down in it's tracks and I just couldn't see it from the blind. The deer that ran was the second buck. All in all it was a GREAT :2thumbsup: evening, especially since my daughter was with me.

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    You are getting good at this stuuf of showing others how it is done!

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    Great story!!! Glad your daughter was with you.:claphands:
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    Congrats! Great story and outcome!:claphands::claphands::eek::