Golfnut's 2015 Deer Hunting Journal

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    you gonna make #10 a giant?

  3. golfnut1969

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    First 10 legal deer, so probably not. The game changes with #11. After #10, I won't shoot any more does until late Dec. I'm hoping to plug #10 in the next week or two. November will be all about bone.
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    doesn't sound much different than the other 11 months of the year for you:D
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    Good stuff BoneNut ;)
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    Way to get it done. You learn lots those first several kills, with or without a helper.
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    This thread is awesome. Good work.
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    I had a few text going, so I can't say I wasn't without help. But then you already knew that. :wave::eek::
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    Whack and stack. Good shooting Jeff.
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    Killing the first available 10 is going to make a pretty cool story to tell!
  11. golfnut1969

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    This last doe was #9 of #10. I'll pull pics of all 10 and post up when I get there.

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    Sep 30, 2013
    Good luck on the final one.

    Looking forward to seeing the 1-10 pics.
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    Oct 17
    STL County
    3:00 pm - 6:30 pm

    Been a while since getting back to the STL county spot I hunt with BackyardBandit. He was there the day prior and pulled the camera from out stand site. 1500 pictures of minis and a few does. So, with that, I decided to bring my climber and sit on a trail I was pretty sure all the deer were using to exit the powercut. I got set up by about 3:30. At about 4:30 a spike buck came in at about 40 yards and milled around sniffing branches. It was thick enough that it was hard to see him without the binos. In any case, watching him gave me something to do. After about 20 minutes, he left and all was quiet again. At about 5pm, I heard a lot of noise directly under my stand. I was only up about 18 feet as the tree I was in didn't allow me to go much higher. I watched as a two more spikes bucks, two does and two fawns made their way from the power cut into the trees. They weren't in any hurry and were never the wiser for me being there. I would have been tempted to shoot one of the bigger does, but the drag back to the car would have been all up hill and not what I had in mind. So, I let them all walk and continued to wait. About 15 minutes later, I spotted a little fork horn and a doe milling around at about 75 yards. At this point I decided to stand up as it was the last hour of daylight, and I like to be on my feet just in case there is action. I was watching the fork when I heard a noise from behind me, over my right shoulder. I slowly turned and spotted one of two bucks I'm after. He was about 35 yards, but there wasn't a chance of making any shot. He was approached by two does and he ran both of them off, never leaving the spot he was at. I needed him to either come into the trees, or down a trail to my left. As it happened, after about 15 minutes, he turned and headed directly away. I grunted a few times at him, and even did some soft rattling. He did come back for about 10 minutes, but he wouldn't fully commit. He finally walked off about 15 minutes before dark. It was probably one of the most exciting hunts I've had. I had two more does walk under my stand again, the opposite direction of the ones earlier. After they passed out of site, I slowly got down and made my way out in the dark. I'll be back there again soon and hope I get a chance at that buck, or the other that he often runs with.

    Here is a picture of the two I've been after. The one in the background (left) is the one I saw this hunt. I spotted the other on day three of the season at about 100 yards.

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    Nov 04
    STL County
    2:30 pm - 5:30 pm

    Another first for me tonight, and I'm still going over things in my head, rationalizing my decision...

    So, I headed out again with my climber to my Wildwood spot. This spot looks over a power cut full of 6 ft grasses and weeds to my right, with a clearing back behind me on my right side. All timber to my left, directly behind me and in front.
    This is the same place I saw the shooter last time out so I was hopeful. I got in the stand at 2:30, and all was quiet for a couple hours. Sunset was at exactly 5pm and I was hoping to see more action in the last hour, but at 4:45, I still hadn't had any movement.

    I finally spotted my first deer at about 10 minutes to 5. A small forky working his way into a field back to my right. At about 15 minutes after the hour, I noticed a single doe had shown up in the clearing, joined by two more a few minutes later. It was now 20 minutes after the hour and getting dark. Just then, I saw movement out of the corner of my eye and I turned to see bone. The deer was in the power cut at 20 yard, but in thick weeds and making his way towards the clearing. I raised my bino's to get a better look at his rack hoping it was one of the big 8 pts that have been running around down there. It was actually a 10 pt, but he looked to me to be a 2.5 yr old and he didn't have the tine length or mass that the deer I saw the last time I was here, or the ones I have on camera. In any case, I only would have one opportunity to shoot him, and that was if he stopped in the single shooting lane I had into the clearing. Sure enough, he stepped into the clearing, right into my shooting lane and stopped dead broadside at 30 yards on the nose. He stretched out his front legs and started sniffing the ground. He sat there for at least 15 seconds, offering a perfect shot. I never drew my bow.

    I had a lot going on in my head, but my first reaction when seeing this deer was disappointment that it wasn't one of the big 8's I wanted to shoot. Then, I thought about the drag out of that place and the help I would need. Would these guys want to drag this deer? I wasn't sure. It would have easily have been the biggest deer of my life, but I was having doubts. Then, there was the fact that if this deer took off in the wrong direction, there could be trouble with the neighbor getting this deer, as she is not a fan of hunters at all. So, after 15 seconds, he moved along, never knowing of the debates I had inside my head. He moved off into the clearing and I simply sat back and wondered if I had done the right thing.

    He was gone, but things weren't over. It was dark now, and I was sending texts to a few buddies about the experience. Just then a doe walked under my stand about 15 yards out and milled around. It was just light enough to see, although by the time she walked out past 30 yards I couldn't see her at all. Just as she walked out of sight, I heard more noise beneath my stand. It sounded like a few raccoons milling around, but I couldn't see a thing, even though they were right under me. I managed to see a small spot of movement and I brought my binoculars up for a better view. All I saw were antlers. I'm not sure if this was the 10 pt I saw just moments ago, or another buck making it's way. It was difficult to see anything in detail, and after looking at my phone, I couldn't see anything in the dark. I could hear at least 3 or 4 deer within 30 yards of my stand. It was pretty cool sitting there in the dark listening. I waited about 15 minutes and when it sounded like they were all gone, I started my climb down.

    Two days later, while I'm writing this, I have no regrets and feel confident that I could have killed this deer had I decided to, but comfortable with my decision not to. If I got the rest of the season without an opportunity again, I think I'm OK with that.

    I'll be heading to my Warrenton spot this weekend where a deer of that caliber will not get a pass. Out there, the largest deer I've seen might have been this ones equal. Hopefully I get that opportunity. I'll be back at my spot in Wildwood with my bow at the beginning of the gun season. Hopefully things work out and I get one of the big 8s, if not, I'll still rest easy knowing I could have killed that 10.
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    Good luck out there this weekend.
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    who gives a rip about #10, hold out for a good one, guys who want to kill mature bucks wait all year for this time, so don't waste it! The sooner a hunter starts passing 2.5 yo bucks, the sooner they have a real chance to kill mature bucks! Good luck, if it doesn't happen this year no biggie, at least you gave it a a great run....besides other does will surely die.
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    I think the 9 I've killed served a purpose. I think it was great advice, and I've learned a lot. I think most importantly, I've learned to keep my head clear when I need to. Those first few deer I was pretty nervous and didn't have the wits about me to pay attention to a lot of details. Every kill has gotten much better and now #10 is just a number, and one I'm not worried about.

    I hope to put down a good one, maybe two yet this season, but if not, I don't regret my decision to let that one walk.
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    getting some kills is always great advice!!!!! and if a goal is to kill a good buck, generally need to pass like you did! You are ready, go kill #10, and shoot what makes you happy! Good luck, if he is mature and dies in a ravine, please text me that intel before asking me to help drag:D kidding, would like to help drag a toad stomper!
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    you blew it, should've let her rip
  20. golfnut1969

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    Good thing we both know a couple young guys who aren't phased by that kind of back breaking work.