Golfnut's 2015 Deer Hunting Journal

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  1. golfnut1969

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    One month and a wake up! Figured I'd start the journal again.

    I have stuck to the advice to "Kill the first 10 deer you have a chance to kill". I have 3 more to kill and I'm there. So that makes up my first goal.
    Goals for this year:

    Goal 1: Kill deer #8, 9 and 10.
    Goal 2: Kill a buck off of my Warrenton property.
    Goal 3: Kill a buck bigger than the one I killed last year.

    Three goals seem like plenty for me.
  2. bluecan

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    Good Luck on all of those goals.

    If you need any help on that Warrenton property, let me know, I'm not far away.

  3. 20 feet high

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    Feb 19, 2009
    go ahead and eliminate that advice for the spot I know of (while good advice, there are a few good bucks at the particular spot and one REALLY good one) and lumbering around for a doe or mini bb will probably keep them from that area until late October.

    #3 is likely if #1 is shelved!
  4. golfnut1969

    golfnut1969 You're not a golfer.

    I plan to get a camera in there next week. I know Sam had a camera in there for a while and never got a picture of decent buck. But they were there all last year too.
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    Oct 31, 2013
    The only OC
    I'm subscribing to this.
  6. 20 feet high

    20 feet high CROSSBOW HATER!

    Feb 19, 2009
    hopefully, he relocated to my spot:D
  7. River rat86

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    Oct 26, 2012
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    Good advice wait on shooting those does after the first couple weeks of season and then go into slaughtering mood until the rut picks up!!!
  8. golfnut1969

    golfnut1969 You're not a golfer.

    I don't have a problem with this.
  9. golfnut1969

    golfnut1969 You're not a golfer.

    Adding a fourth goal. Kill a turkey with my bow.
  10. golfnut1969

    golfnut1969 You're not a golfer.

  11. Deeraholic

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    Wipe the milk of it's lips, pull those pin feathers and get that tasty field chicken on the grill, son! Good shooting Nutty!
  12. golfnut1969

    golfnut1969 You're not a golfer.

    When I tele-checked it, I marked it as a juvenile hen. Based on your comment, I guess I nailed that too. :D
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  13. Judah

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    Oct 19, 2007
    Warren County
  14. venatic

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    Now those turkey targets won't haunt you as bad. Congrats!
  15. Big L

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    Aug 8, 2008
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    15 yrs of bowhuntin Ive killed one hen.I finally decided to buy a ground blind and had decided on the Rogers Vision and got on their site to order it today and its not on their site any longer ! Back to researchin blinds.Congrats on the bird !
  16. archer66

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    Jun 21, 2008
    Nice shooting Jeff.
  17. golfnut1969

    golfnut1969 You're not a golfer.

    Sept 15
    STL County
    5:45 am-11:00 am
    Rather uneventful morning. Spotted a small fork and a year old doe with him. They never came in very close

    Sept 15
    STL County
    1:30 pm-7:30 pm
    Hunted 6 hours this afternoon due to all the daylight activity I had on camera lately. I heard some bucks bumping antlers and watched a tree moving from a buck rubbing, but I never actually saw the buck. I had about 9 different mini's visit me this evening. I could have shot a few but I was waiting on a buck or at a minimum a big doe to show up. I had deer at or near my stand almost 4 of the 6 hours of this sit. Fun stuff.

    Sept 15
    STL County
    5:45 am-11:30 am
    Some local construction was making so much noise this morning that a heard of buffalo could have walked up on me without notice. As it happens, I had a doe and two fawns work up into my set. The doe offered a nice broadside shot at 20 yards. I let an arrow go and it hit something about 3/4 of the way to the deer. The lighted nock helped me see the arrow flip end over end and into a tree at which point the arrow broke into a few pieces, and sent my lighted nock about 10 yards away. The rage broad head blades had broken off, but the head was itself not damaged at all. When I retrieved my arrow I could see all the crap in the path. Stuff I couldn't see from my stand. I need to trim some better lanes down in this spot for sure.

    Later in the morning I had a 1 yr old doe walk in. She offered a few shots that I wasn't 100% sure of, especially after the morning's screw up. Since she never really offered a really clean shot, I let down all three times I drew on her and finally let her walk.

    Sept 15
    STL County
    4:00 pm-7:30 pm

    This evening I planned a sit in the stand where BackYardBandit shot his buck the night before. On my way in, I was walking through 7 ft tall grass, weeds and thorn bushes. I found a dry creek bad in the middle of all this where I could walk fairly quietly and comfortably. When I reached the tree line I exited the creek and stepped walked up a small rise. To my surprise, and theirs, I had managed to walk up on 12 to 15 turkeys. The closest one was 5 yards. At first, we all just stood there looking at each other, then I started to pull an arrow from my quiver. I didn't try to hide my movements, since I was already busted and they were making their way to the trees. By the time I got an arrow nocked and got my release out of my pocket and hooked on the string, all the turkeys I could see where in the woods already not leaving a shot. I started to walk towards them, thinking I might get lucky and find a window through the trees. Just then, a turkey came out of the tall grass, following the others. I drew back, but it was on to me and hightailed it into the trees before I could get a shot. Just then, two more turkeys came out of the grass. I was already at full draw, and only one spotted me. The other was just begging to take a dirt nap. My arrow left the bow and sped accross the 15 yards between us with the bird being none the wiser. She launched up into the air about 10 feet, flopping all over, then came back down. I didn't hear too much after that so I figured she was dead. I looked for my arrow, but never could find it. Looked for the bird and couldn't find her either, but then about 10 yards away, in the trees, I heard her death throws and she was dead by the time I walked over. I picked her up, and continued to my stand.

    I was in the stand from 4:30 or so until dark. I saw the deer I'm after about 100 yards away on the neighboring property. I've seen this deer before, both on camera and from watching fields at night. It would often be with the deer backyardbandit killed. Anyway, I watched this deer for about an hour. He would disappear and then come back, sometimes with two or three other smaller bucks. About 6pm he disappeared and I hoped he would show up where he did the night before, but it wasn't the case. I didn't spot him again. Encouraging though to know he's around.
  18. golfnut1969

    golfnut1969 You're not a golfer.

    Sept 19
    STL County
    3:00 pm-6:30 pm
    Got to the stand and walked up on two minis. Once I spotted them, I stood still, but one of them was on to me. It gave a few foot stomps and a bit of head bobbing, and then decided not to stick around. I got up into my stand without any issue, in spite of a knee that is swollen like a water balloon and won't bend very far. About an hour in, a couple more mini's showed and milled around for bit. Around 4:30, I saw a doe down in a creek at about 35 yards, but she never offered a shot. This kind of irritated me a bit. I wanted to get a clean shot on a big doe, although I'm not sure I wanted to drag a big deer out of there with my knee in the state it was. In the end, I plugged a mini. Another Button Buck. #8 down. 2 more to go for my 'First 10' deer, although I don't plan to kill any more minis and will try to stick to adult deer.

    With a bass fishing tournament this weekend, working the next and then a golf tournament on the 10th, I probably won't get back out to hunt until Oct 11th.

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  19. bigbass

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    Nov 17, 2009
    You are a Mini attractor and killing machine. :eek:: Congrats on the fresh backstraps.
  20. golfnut1969

    golfnut1969 You're not a golfer.

    Oct 11
    Warren County
    6:15 am-8:00 am

    I played a 36 hole golf tournament on Saturday in Warrenton so I decided to crash at my cabin out there. I woke a few times during the night, and debated on getting up in the AM, but I managed to get up, shower and get out a full hour before sunrise. Everything was quiet for the the first hour and a half when a small doe came running through the trees about 75 yards out. She disappeared from view and I didn't give her another thought. However, about 15 minutes later, she came walking straight up the trail I'm watching. I started to draw, and noticed she was looking up the hill behind me. I debated on waiting to see what she was looking at, but she was standing perfect, quartered away just slightly and only 18 yards. I drew back and let arrow fly. I knew it was a good shot, got a complete pass through and she mule kicked and took off. The distance she was running was concerning and I never heard her crash. I was a bit worried. While I was collecting myself, I saw what she was watching. A big doe and two minis were headed towards me. I guess they saw me because they took off up the hill blowing.

    In any case, I was worried about the hit now, since the deer really went a long way. I decided to stay in the stand an hour before checking the arrow. A phone call to BYB and he seemed to think I had a dead deer and said if the deer ran that far and it was thick, I could probably check the arrow and then make more decisions. About 20 minutes had passed so I got down and got the arrow. There wasn't a lot of blood on the arrow, and the fletchings were pretty clean. Not what I had wanted. But I had heart shot my last deer, and that arrow and fletching didn't hold much blood either. So, I started to second guess my shot, but I noticed there was a decent blood trail, so that made me feel a bit better.

    I went back to the cabin, and decided it couldn't hurt to give the deer time to die, if it hadn't already. I got clean up, packed some of my stuff and about 45 minutes later, headed back out. The deer was bleeding out both sides, and sometimes I found really good blood, but a few times I really had to search for drops. I had already gone well over 100 yards now I was stuck looking for the next blood and not finding anything. After about 5 minutes, finally found that single drop 90 degrees from the direction she was headed. This put me back on track and the blood really started to flow. It wasn't another 15 yards and there she lie. She ran about 150 yards, maybe more. I thought perhaps I had hit just a single lung, but after field dressing, I hit one lung a little above center, then went through the other lung just a little below center. Perfect shot by all accounts, but she just didn't play by the rules.

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