Going in without a clue!

Discussion in 'Whitetails General' started by BIG OL AL, Nov 5, 2010.

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    Okay here is the senerio, what would you do?
    The firearms opener ought to be intresting for me. I got a bit lucky and found a place up north to hunt. I have no idea what to expect. My nephew set it up. His best freind asked his dad if my BIL, a freind and myself could hunt a farm he owns that he really does not hunt much. I heard he leases out the fields to farmers for crops but have no idea what is planted. Mostly field is what I am told with strips of woods. We were wishing he would let us go up there this weekend to scout it out but no dice. He wasn't able to send us the info. He is in Wisconsin hunting pheasants. So we will be seeing thie land for the first time next Friday.

    How would you go about scouting this out when you are limited to one evening of scouting the day before the opener? There will be 3 of us on 400 acres. Like I said mostly fields. Should we all go off in seperate directions and hit the wood strips or glass the wood strips from the fields? Since there are few woods I am scared of spooking them out the evening before the hunt.
    Or would it be best to just go in blind on opening day.
    My BIL said the owner sent maps in the mail and he is waiting for them to arrive. So I am hoping mt BIL can give me the location of the farm so I can look it up in Google Earth. That would at least give us an idea what to expect.
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    Google earth and pay attention to the wind direction, scout with your eyes not your feet. I probably wouldn't even hang a stand until you have an idea about what is going on. I would do as little of walking as possible, since time is so close. JMHO

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    I think the arial photos is the best place for you to start, Al. Good luck!
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    I would look at the maps for natural funnels and hang stands near them at the edge of the fields. I would probably use climbers or ladder stands, since they move the quickest, you will probably want to move some of them as you see deer, good luck.
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    Throw out buckets of corn and hope for the best:cheers:
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    Thanks for the input guys.:cheers: