Git yo' rack measured....EDITED!!!

Discussion in 'Whitetails General' started by FiremanBrad, Feb 2, 2006.

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    Git yo\' rack measured....EDITED!!!

    If anyone is in the neighborhood, the official measuring of the KMZU big buck contest starts friday morning at 830....Last year, we invited non contest racks to be brought in to be measured as well...If everyone is there that was last year, we'll have 2 BnC/PnY measurers, and 2 MSMBBC measurers as well. It will be located on the north edge of Carrollton, at the John Deere dealership, right on 65 hiway. If ya'll haven't checked out the KMZU website, and the pics of all the deer, you should take a look...some impressive deer will be there!!! Also, last year we measured until all racks were done...around 230 in the afternoon...

    OK, I hope noone drove to Carrollton today on my mis-information.....if you did, I'm truly sorry.....The email I recieved from KMZU a month or so ago....I SWEAR said feb 3.....but it's not until NEXT friday......I probably misread it, not sure, but I had a nice drive to Carrollton this morning, $2.20 gas.....what a bonehead....I am NOT happy....

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    Mar 7, 2005
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    Dec 13, 2005
    Pretty funny there fireman.

    Oh well.... such a nice drive to carrollton anyway eh?
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    Yea, you'd think I'd been drinkin Guinness or sumptin!!!
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    Dec 6, 2005
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    So Fireman you reimbursin members who drove over today or givn out any gas vouchers? lol
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    I knew I shoulda kept my mouf
  7. FiremanBrad

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    I knew I shoulda kept my mouf, I guess I had a blonde was my turn!!!
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    Jan 19, 2005
    don't feel to bad we drove up to a smoke pole shoot in iowa six hour one was held the day before.that was long day.but of course it was my buddys idea on the date so i just went you know how many times that subject has been brought up over the last couple of years?:D