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Giant killed in Kansas

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Wednesday while in western Kansas I stopped at local convenience store and saw this picture on the board.

Well seems like a friend of a friend nows this guy. The deer was going to a milo field every evening n the hunter waited until the wind was right before he even hung a stand n got him that evening

I just looked n found the pictures that the hunter himself posted on 2 different forums so probably on Facebook too.

wearing hunter orange as it was taken Oct 13th during the state wide rifle doe season
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Yes...with a pointy stick.
supposedly approx 225 inch gross, not sure what type of measuring stick they have in western Kansas. It does have lots of extra junk on it though.
It's MAGNUM this year. :banging:
Wow! What a monster!
Good deer there. :tup:
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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