GETTING PUMPED!! (a must read)!!

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  1. A friends wife wrote this great inspirational poem and if it don't get ya pumped nothing will.....Enjoy.....

    Turkey Hunter

    Leaning back against the tree
    As you sit upon the ground
    Being so careful to be still
    Trying hard to make no sound

    The beauty of nature
    Takes your breath away
    You feel like you are a part of it
    And you wish this was where you could always stay

    As you sit there patiently
    You double-check your gear
    And give a few yelps on your call
    And then be still and wait to hear

    In the distance, you hear him gobble
    And your blood starts pumping
    You hear him coming toward you
    Your heart is madly thumping

    You wait until you see him
    Strutting proudly into the clearing
    You can hardly keep yourself in check
    As closer he is nearing

    And when the time is perfect
    And you have him in your sight
    You take your shot and say a prayer
    As the bullet takes its flight

    Your mark is true, the proud one falls, and
    You rise and walk to where he rests
    You bow your head and give thanks
    For the gift with which you have been blessed

    By: Leslie Ely
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    Tim, I see you! Check your u2u's!

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    Back at you too! Again!:smiley:

    Good read!