German shorthair

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    Dec 22, 2011
    They have webbed feet, They come from the same stock as the DK I'm sure. They are not as versatile as some of the german lines and are a softer dog in general like the FBECS, and EB's. The continentals in general, are easier training more out of the box dogs if well bred. IMHO. She still barks, but this is my second dog and both of us would have been in the barn if she was a PIA in the house. She definitely is birdy and has the switch I and every other dog owner looks for. I think she will compliment the other hard charging meathead well. For primarily water work there are better lines although there is a kid in Fargo with a really nice male that does alot of water work with him. I have nothing against Labs, love them and had 8 over the years, but as I get older I like a pointing dog I don't have to run behind. These are very smart, biddable dogs that are good citizens in the house. They run 40-55 lbs in general, so a little smaller. They also have breeding roots in MO.
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    Thanks Wade. I'll give them a holler
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    Dumb question but why do you cut the tails on German short hairs ?
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    I could be wrong but I think it's more appearance than purpose. Not all are docked but it's pretty common in the breeding world it seems.
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    All the research I have done boils down to health and not having infected bloody tails.
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    In Europe they use to dock tails on working class dogs and pets got to keep their longer tails. Don't tell a pointer guy that though. :)
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    So I found some of those french dogs in Wenztville :) but didn't go that route.

    I found a litter of GSP, mom out of Muddy Creek, sire out of Murphy's here in STL, we picked a solid liver male, naming him Boone, and gonna be picking him up in January.

    If the OP needs some info, send me a PM and I will get you contact info.
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    Not in MO but you might try
    John Prince
    Pittsburg, KS
    620 724 4276

    Hunted behind his in SD very impressed
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