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    Mar 13, 2013
    I have never hunted ducks/geese with anyone. Im new to it and ive got a few geese decoys out on my pond behind the house. Im not sure if they are correct in The way they are set up or maybe something else is going on im not aware of.
    I had geese flying just out of range with the shot gun tonight probably 12 different times. Other geese flying near by, close enough to see the pond but not coming in. I only have about 12 standing geese,12 shell sleepers,about 6 floaters.
    They fly right to the pond then turn last second and go around.
    Ive had live geese land in the pond before but usually spring. Infact they lay eggs and hang out a while after they hatch.
    What is recommended to get some geese closer or even land? Is it because my house is too close? The pond is right out the back door. Maybe someone wants to come school me and hunt!!!! They dont fly over every night but tonight were hundreds. And from every direction.
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    You would be surprised how many hunters get busted by flashing the back of their hand or even their face or neck. Being covered up is the most important part of learning to hunt waterfowl. If you put out more than 2 dozen break them up into family groups of 5-8 decoys. Are you leaving them a landing hole within your range? Let them land in your decoys.. Then when you move, they will take to flight and that will be your best time to shoot. Where are you located?
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    Mar 13, 2013
    Ill bet they see me then. They have plenty to land. Ponds not frozen either Maybe tomorrow morning it will be as its 15 degrees now. Im 10 miles west of Macon. They fly over going to long branch lake and usually to a refugee that is down the road, but it doesnt have much water in it now.
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    Mar 13, 2013
    I hear people say more decoys , then i hear people sayyou only need a few dozen at most. I guess it all depends on situation? Ill buy more if i know it would help. Snow geese are moving in too. Seen a few around macon and near Purdin today.

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    They probably see you. What are you hiding in?

    You can get a camo piece of burlap and lay under that if nothing else. Or buy a layout blind - totally not necessary. Could build a little blind, such as an A-frame. Do it cheap though with stick and logs you have on site.

    Might want to cover up your face, assuming it's not dark already.

    I hunt in Macon most years, but am probably done for this year. Otherwise I'd take a look.

    You definitely don't need big numbers to kill geese. I kill em and I'm not great caller either. Just good enough at sitting still.
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    Location is number one, and you've got them around so that's a start.

    Hiding is next, and especially late season you have to go overboard on the hiding. Get away from the decoys and try not to be in the line of sight of approach.

    Calling is helpful especially if they aren't intending to come to your pond, but to much and to loud hurts more than helps, get their attention and lay off if they're coming.

    Decoys are down the list of importance and you have enough and the exact formation probably isn't critical.
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    HIDE,HIDE,HIDE!!! Dont leave your decoys out while not hunting. If you cant call good, then dont call much.
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    and then HIDE some more. And don't call much. I have run more geese off than I've CALLED in LOL, but I've killed a few by being where they want to be (check) hiding and hiding some more (check) and not calling much if at all (check).
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    These guys have you covered.
    Good luck, it's a sight to see when they cup up, commit and you see those little black feet dangling!
  11. Get down cover up
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    Mar 13, 2013
    Appreciate the help guys. Past few
    Days have been pretty dead. Seems they come in waves this time of year. Ive notived it to be 3 days heavy, then about a week before much more fly over. There maybe a few but not like it was about 4 days ago. I seen a whopping 7 yesterday.
    Anyway the season is about wrapped up i guess for up here for canada geese, Ill get one more day at it, maybe something will show up. Ill get a better set up next year and get hidden really well. Thanks again.
    I seen a field Full of snow geese about 30 min west of me today. Looked like 200 geese in there then about 500 canada geese a little farther down the highway. Maybe the snow geese will show up here soon.