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Been a fun season so far for the most part. Hunted my uncles the first 2 days I had to hunt. Nothing gobbling and only saw 2 turkeys in that time. Decided to hit 70 acres I just got permission to hunt this year. Saw some sign but didn't really seem like turkey heaven. Landowners really didn't have any Intel for me as far as sighting or gobbling locations.

Drive was longer than I am use to but only 40 minutes. Got there at sunrise as expected and headed towards the spot I wanted to go to. To my surprise, the morning lit up with gobbles from several direction but all on neighboring properties. Probably 8 total birds gobbling which brought a big smile to me. Got set up and started calling lightly for the most part. Had 2 bird come in on the other side of the fence but couldnt get them to come in. That's when I realized most of the property has a woven wire fence around the property. A deal killer sometimes for calling birds in from neighboring properties. Decided to move to the second area on the property that I thought would be good. Set up, made a few calls, and went for a snack I brought. That's when the putting started. A Jake move in unexpectedly and circled out about 60 yards and disappeared. He knew something wasn't right.

By this time, several hours had passed and it was reaching 9am. Birds had been gobbling off and on all morning which kept my spirits up. Got 2 birds gobbling hard to mostly my lost calls and cutting. Seems to be they were staying put so deciding to get up and move a little closer. Boy those Missouri hills can trick ya. As soon as I stood up, 150 yards over the Crest was 2 big gobblers. Must of slipped in unseen with the hen I saw right after that Jake. Luckily they didn't see me.

What to do!?!? Belly crawl or stay put? Decided staying put was the best best. Pulled put my collapsible real turkey fan and put it to work 4 foot above my head. Didn't work so I start cutting like crazy and this time I give him a show with my fan sticking above my head. Crazy but it worked and the Tom's head was moving closer. He breaks into full strutt as my hand and giving the fan some motion and holding my gun with my other hand. The other Tom with him decided he isn't going to be left behind and comes sprinting in. Both hit 30 yards away into my decoy spread and one Tom hit the ground. The fan did it again. If it wasn't for the fan, it may not of happened.

Crappy pic but what can you do when you hit the button and have to run to your turkey in time before the picture.

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Good job. Be careful out there waving that fan around your head!!!!

Every time I hear someone doing this I think of a now deceased guy telling me a story of him pulling into his gate and a turkey was strutting . It was about the time the H&R single shot handi rifles got popular and he bought one. He said it was about 300 yards so he takes a guessstimation on hold over and let’s one fly. He said he knocked a tail feather out of it. I can picture someone like that seeing a fan and gut shooting someone.
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