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Looking to sell or trade two AK style rifles I have.

1st is a Russian Saiga in 5.45 that is rear converted so it uses standard AK-74 magazines and has the trigger group moved forward for a pistol grip. I have 1 Bulgarian surplus and 2 TAPCO magazines for it as well as 30 rounds.

Looking for $700 cash OBO, gun trades, or mix of gun and cash.

2nd is a GP WASR-10/63, these rifles were military rifles that were demilled then rebuilt on a semi-auto reciever in Romania. It has an MI railed handguard with rail covers at the 3, 6, and 9 o'clock positions and a side folding Magpul Zhukov stock, it does fire with the stock folded. This rifle comes with 2 magazines.

Looking for $700 cash, gun trades, or mix of gun and cash.

I prefer trades without having to put money in on my part and cash offers will have priority but all reasonable trades will be considered.

I would be particularly interested in:
heavy barrel 10/22
Ruger mini-14 or mini-30
10mm 1911's or Glock 40
higher end .45 1911's
.44 Mag revolver or 16" lever action
.357 Mag revolver or 16" lever action
Glock 26
Ruger M77 Gunsite Scout
CZ 527 Carbine in 7.62x39
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