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Free Safety Harness's

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I have 3 safety harness's, these are the ones that come with the stands. 2 are Millenium brand and the other came with a ladder stand.
Most of you have yours but if ya think someone might come sit with you or need one, here ya go.
Preferable in the Wentzville to St. Louie area....

here is the link to Midway on the lifeline sale

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Those Millenium harnesses are way better than the normal POS's that come with most stands.
I have multiple brand new harnesses for free as well. Let me know who needs them
I can take a picture if I cut the bags open, they are black and looks like they are made of same material of the straps that go around the tree are. At least my HSS straps
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Comes with I think 2 tree straps
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