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    We had a really good trip! I'll send you a pm ...
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    Jun 11, 2003

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    Sep 4, 2012
    Has anyone had any problems due to the aluminum of the Fords bed? I see almost every Chevy commercial talks about it but I haven't met a person yet who has developed a problem.
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    Maybe because people who buy Fords dont intend to actually use the bed :D

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    Talk to a body shop, the complaint is that it's so much more expensive to make repairs, much larger repair panels and such. Other than that, I have a few Aluma-Ford friends who's trucks are as tough as any other. [This Ford compliment is care of a Chivy guy.....I still like mine more betterer because #chevy].
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    If you're worried about it, they make a bed mat for about 75 bucks.

    Chev needs to make a splash with a new motor if they wanna sell more 1/2 tons. They have helped their looks though. New fords are kinda ugly imo.
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    I drive a black GMC, but I think Ford has the bestest colors, (besides the GMC Cream), and also the best designed factory wheels

    they are all on sale for $10,000 off right now
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    I'm in the prosses of putting a bed side on a 2017 f350 now. First off I'm a GM guy but I will tell you that Ford has the best well made chassis of them all , for a work truck it's Ford as the best. Dodge Cummins is probably the best as for as motor go's and is followed closely by chevy duramax. Ford has had a bad run on their diesels but I don't know much about the 6.7's .

    But for the aluminum body's , they are junk. Light weight and will not take much abuse before failing. A deer ran into the side of the truck I'm fixing had it been a metal bed side their could have been a chance I could have straightened it but not with aluminum. In the damaged area over half of the rivets come loose and one small brace panel behind the rear tire was only holding on by 1 bolt and maybe 1 or 2 rivets out of 10. When aluminum bends to about a 90 degree it starts to crack and anymore it will break . If you buy one always spray in the linexbrand bed liner only. That is the only brand that I have ever seen do much protection. And it can only be applied by linex franchises .This truck has a nice looking spray in bed liner but has chips in the floor and is very slick and thin. PDR work is normally about double to do on aluminum and anything body wise is normally about 30% higher to fix. This bed side actually is about the same price to replace or a little cheaper than a metal one is , which surprised me. To replace Ford recomends pop rivets which is a little better than the factory rivets , but kind of gaudy looking. Some bigger shops have started to invest in the river gun to put in the factory style rivets but it is only capable of do some the rest have to be done with the pop rivets. Aluminum welding is also a option for plug welding acording to Ford but even they don't use it to put on panels. Both of the latter 2 options are high high dollar investments for even the big shops.

    I'm afraid that even chevy and Dodge will follow in a few years with all aluminum bodies. GM is already making a lot of parts out of aluminum. But other than I believe one Cadillac model that is all aluminum they haven'tbeen doing the complete bodies and cabs yet.

    This is only my opinion from a body shop owner stand point and I'm sure their are a lot that will disagree but this is what I see.
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    Dec 14, 2008
    I drive a 2017 F150 and I wish the bed was steel. Just seems counter productive to me. The part of the truck you want to take abuse is too light weight in my opinion. Aluminum is the future though, I believe.
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    I have dropped heavy items into my aluminum ford bed and no issues (rocks, ratchet strap buckles, sledge hammer, shovels etc) . Also ran fork lift forks across the bed and dropped in full skid of HVAC refrigerant, drug the forks out and nothing. Few scratch marks from the forks but nothing that wouldn't happen in a steel bed. I can't complain.

    For reference I have the 5.0 and it hauls and tows everything I have thrown at it.
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    Dec 14, 2008
    I have a 5'6" bed. So it ain't much of a hauler. But after I put my Leer cover on it and a Bedrug in it, it'll last quite a while. Trucks now days aren't trucks like they used to be. Just big fancy cars.