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    Feb 27, 2018
    Ill start by saying I am new to the forum and new to hunting the state of Missouri. I just separated from active duty November 2017 and this will be the first year I will be able to be actively involved in a full season of hunting. I am a Pennsylvania native, but I was stationed in San Diego, California and after meeting one of these Cali girls, it looks like I will be staying. So, I have chose to focus my time, money and effort into bowhunting Missouri and Iowa (when I draw Iowa) and need to be brought up to speed on the "show me" state.

    I am looking at leases in northern Missouri and looks like I will end up in NW Missouri (Gentry,Worth,Dekalb). When I look at aerial photos I notice the woods/field ratio is in favor of the field and open spaces. So, what makes a property a "great" property as far as features to look for? Is 75% CRP or crop and the remainder in timber common? I am used to hunting big woods and little fields so I will have to make some adjustments. I noticed gun season comes in during what some would say is "peak" rut. Does this have an affect on the way most of you bowhunters approach the season? During the rut do these bucks, in yall's opinion, travel farther then a deer in a big woods state like PA because of the small tracts of timber? A buck back home may never have to leave a 1 mile square radius block of timber during the rut and also never cross a road or a field. I have a lot of questions that will be answered through getting out there and learning it and I understand that, but for now I guess I'm looking for a general run down of the average property or farm in NW MO, how the bucks cruise it in the rut because of the landscape and the "common way" a native Missouri hunter approaches the season. I have a post in the Land for Lease category if anyone wants to reach out to me there pertaining to that subject. Thank you all and I look forward to the tips and knowledge. God Bless America, God Bless the Outdoors.
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    Good luck . Why Missouri may I ask ?

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    I would choose IL, IA and KS of Missouri in a heartbeat if I were choosing and all things were equal. Equal, meaning lodging and tag prices were not an issue.

    As a bowhunter in Missouri you could have as few as 10 days in November before an 11 day firearms season season, 30 day of archery hunting in November in Kansas and Iowa, and a minimum or 16 days in November in IL ( then onl a 3 day shotgun interruption).

    Good luck
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    Focus on oct 25-nov 5 if time limits you. I see great rut action every cool day at this time. Add a drizzle rain and it's even better.
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    North Missouri
    Missouri is more of an overall state for people who like gun and bow and kind of like a family and friends type of hunting atmosphere more than trophy bow hunting to me which is fine by me.If I wasn't hunting with my family and friends and was a hard core bowhunting type I would focus in on Kansas for when I didn't have an Iowa tag.Kansas has quality public land and just in my opinion be the better state for a solo bowhunter looking to bag a trophy the bow only method
  6. First off, thank you for your service! You will find a lot of very ‘open’ farms for lease in that part of the state. Not that they are bad, but most of them are primarily travel corridors and the best spots typically don’t hit the open market, especially online. Some of the best rut spots are drainage timbers (ditches) in a big CRP field sandwiched between crop fields.

    Ideally, I would want a farm with 70/30 cover/food...with that 70% being a mix of hardwood timber (oak, etc), old fields with diverse habitat and large native grass stands.

    We hunt a lot of traditional funnel areas like creeks, etc and field edges. If access can be achieved without blowing out bedding areas, deep woods timber ridges are hard to beat.

    We have a surplus of public ground if you are striking out on the leases. Some 10k+ acre spots in NoMo that can be tremendous before rifle seasons.

    Good luck, feel free to direct message if you want some pointers on public.
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    Peak rut rifle season has a huge effect on the age of bucks here, you did not ask anything about quality/size so I assume it's not a priority. You will have approx. a two week window to bow hunt before the rifle season opens as stated above. The deer numbers dropped after 2012 due to EHD/Blue Tongue and have not recovered to those levels, but that's relative to those who have seen it prior to 2012 so you won't notice it. If I were you with the vacation time/travel/$$ invested from Cali I would spend the extra $200 and hunt Kansas. Where I am heading after a lifetime of hunting north Missouri.

    Those web lease sites have stupid money for some marginal habitat, and when they get something worth a dang the stupid money factor doubles.
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    Nov 13, 2014
    is it too late to ditch the cali girl? If so I'd try to convince her to leave commifornia
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    I love northwest mo and have several buddies with spots up there and they tag some great deer once in awhile. I prefer ground with lots of crp and brush but I know cattle ground with some timber works during our rut haha, good luck and hope ya find a good spot
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    Thanks for the advice boys, Kansas will probably be in the mix for me in years to come but for now, Missouri is my goal. Anyone in Daviess County specifically? I have a potential lease there.
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    First and foremost find a place that has ag in all the fields in the area. If there is a lot of timber and cattle pastures the deer will likely not be as big. Ideal property would have 1/3 timber 1/3 crp and 1/3 crops. It would also have some creeks and some nice oak ridges running N/S and E/W. hunt on food plots or crop fields in evenings (or get in between the food and bed) and save those ridge tops until frosty mornings the last week of October thru November. Small pockets and strips of timber in ag country make for good ambush locations and likely big bucks. No reason you shouldn't have a chance at some 150"+ bucks if you are on a good farm.
  12. deep woods goat hunter

    deep woods goat hunter I'm not crazy, I just want it more than you.

    1 thanks for your service
    2 pick another state
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    N/C Missouri
    Deer hunting in Missouri is pretty Hoover dam good... IMHO, and NW Missouri is one of the better areas of the state. We have a nice long archery season, and some pretty nice rifle seasons as well.

    Thank you for your service, and best of luck in the coming years. :wave1:
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    Oh Fallon
    Look north they say....
    But we have a good herd in most counties.
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    Feb 27, 2018
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    I live and hunt in northwest MO and I have friends that come to this area from out of state to lease to hunt. The area is a good choice but you must find the right farm/section or two to have a quality hunting experience year after year. Gentry Worth and Harrison counties are the counties I have most experience with. There are sections of Davies county that provide a good hunting experience as well. All the above comments of others describe the kind of habitat you might find. In some of these areas hunting pressure is very great but yet I have found-especially during week days there are still pockets of good farms with light pressure. Our age structure of deer is back on the upswing in my opinion if that is important to you. On the 1,500 -2000 acres that I have access to hunt deer numbers are up as well. EHD kills deer in our region every year. We are very rural and somewhat isolated but vehicle/deer crashes happen frequently. If a person takes their time puts in a lot time hunting/scouting/observing you will have a very enjoyable hunting experience in NW MO That's my humble opinion.
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