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For those who've proposed a change, why?

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We hear all about what you want to do. But why do you want it done? What's in it for you personally if any of the changes you proposed came true?

Bottom line, tell me what your herd looks like and what hunters can expect when they hunt for whitetail in MO under YOUR rules.
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[rquote=1494448&tid=104342&author=hun10]No one loves bowhunting more than me, but come on....seriously. This is getting a little rediculous. Live and let die for crying out loud. Would everyone quit thinking of what they aint got and start thinking about what they do got? We live in one of the premier states for ANY kind of hunting. PERIOD! Many states wish they had our numbers, animals, and opportunities to hunt them. Stick to your own woods and everything will be fine. Quit trying to tell everyone what to do and how to hunt. Just enjoy hunting and shut-up.[/rquote]

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