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    Dec 4, 2008
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    Time to terminate the chicory, wheat and crimson clover to make way for beans.
    Also decided to use the disc to barely touch the ground to crimp/roll thatch that I'm going to plant corn in.
    Seeing the utilization of crimson clover all fall, winter and spring has made me a big fan. There are 1000s of bees in it, turks love it and deer are still browsing it.
    Time to spray and planting tomorrow. E-fence will go up this week too. Last year I didn't fence for a month after planting I still had a great stand of beans but if I can reduce that early browse pressure, it's only gonna be that much better.
    Seems a shame to terminate the buffet plot of wheat, chicory and CC... But beans are worth it and the CC will die off soon anyway.

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    Rotation is good for soil health and helps keep fertilizer cost down. You are working a good plan .
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