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Food plot perennials

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we had dozer work done on the farm and I am looking for bulk seed to plant in this newly dozed off area. Our place already has a 60 acre alfalfa field and 2 2-3 acre small food plots tucked in between timber and bedding areas. Our neighbor has about 300 acres of corn again this year. I would like to put in a perennial of help bring the deer in. Last year, the corn was not cut and we did not see many deer during the rifle season, but tons after. Any ideas on what perennial I could plan to bring them over occasionally? PH is 6.3 right now in the field. Thanks for any help
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My go to perennial food plot for deer is ladino clover (5 - 8 pounds per acre). It's easy to plant and maintain, and it's probably as good of an attraction as any other perennial plot. It's not a silver bullet though. There could be other reasons you did not see a lot of deer last year (heavy pressure or other).
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