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Food plot in new area.

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I'm putting a 1 acre food plot in a new spot. The area was brush hogged early this spring and now it is waist high fescue. What combinations of spray/burn/brush hog/plowing would you guys suggest? I have the tillage equipment and access to a no-till drill. I want to plant it with wheat and ladino this fall, with some more frost seeded clover in February.
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Spray wait and burn if you have the location and help. Then notill the wheat in late Sept and frost seed your clover next spring.
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If you have a drill you should look into the system they use on Growing Deer TV that Dr Grant Woods uses.I would get rid of all the fescue by burning it off to start your rotation in that area that he uses and all you would need to purchase is an ag crimper to kill off your cover crop before you drill into it for your fall plot.
I saw a bag with a deer on it, it was called Easy Plot, has Clover, Brassica and Rye in it. I read the back and said it is for new plots and to plant in Sept, the Rye and Brassica will come up immediately and the clover will be there in the spring...
Thanks guys. I haven't put in a new plot for several years. My existing plots, I did old school with a plow and a disc.
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